Adding Currencycloud to the Dwolla Partner Ecosystem allows Dwolla’s clients to enable international payment functionality. 

Financial technology company Dwolla, Inc. announced a partnership with Currencycloud to allow its clients to facilitate international payments. Currencycloud is a global payments platform built on smart technology and is a leader in international payments. The partnership between Dwolla and Currencycloud provides businesses with a solution to send and receive international payments in a digital economy. 

Dwolla’s ACH payment API connects businesses to the ACH Network to facilitate payments within the United States. With Currencycloud, Dwolla’s clients can expand their payment experience with international payments in 35 currencies and 180 countries. The partnership is part of the Dwolla Partner Ecosystem, a network full of forward-thinking businesses to better support its clients’ growth.

“We live in a world that is ever more connected. We want our phones to control our thermostats and our televisions, we want our messaging apps to sync up with our calendar apps. The Dwolla Partner Ecosystem was born out of that idea of interconnectivity,” says Stephanie Atkin, Dwolla’s Vice President of Marketing. “Dwolla is the leader in domestic payments, Currencycloud brings that same level of trust for international payments. This partnership allows our customers to get the best of both worlds. We couldn’t be more excited about this opportunity and its potential.”

Dwolla, Inc. is a financial technology company that offers businesses an onramp to the Automated Clearing House Network, the electronic funds-transfer system used by U.S. financial institutions that moves $51 trillion annually. The Dwolla Partner Ecosystem was formed to provide Dwolla’s clients with access to services that can help them scale effectively. 

“We’re thrilled to join the Dwolla Partner Ecosystem, a group of fintechs with shared passion for removing payments pain points with flexible API technology,” says Richard Arundel, co-founder and general manager, North America at Currencycloud. “We pride ourselves on helping to simplify international payments for businesses so that they can focus on delivering great customer experience, and with this new partnership our clients can now leverage Dwolla’s domestic payments API.

With Currencycloud, Dwolla’s clients no longer have borders for their payments. 

Partnerships help you #DoMoreWithDwolla. 

About Dwolla

Dwolla, Inc. is a financial technology company that is changing the way businesses send and receive funds. The company offers a seamless, white-label API platform to connect to the ACH Network to initiate payments.

Since 2008, when Dwolla began creating the ideal platform to move money, the company has helped move billions of dollars for millions of end-users annually for businesses of all shapes and sizes; in addition, Dwolla has been mentioned in Inc., Forbes and the Wall Street Journal. Businesses that need to efficiently send or receive money and are ready for the future either use Dwolla—or they should.

About Currencycloud

Currencycloud’s technology is unlocking the global economy for payment platforms of the future. It’s B2B cross border payments infrastructure enables businesses to deliver an awesome experience to their customers, though one simple and flexible API connection. Launched in 2012, Currencycloud is based in London and is regulated in Europe, the U.S. and Canada, and has processed more than $50 billion to over 180 countries. Currencycloud works with banks and fintechs globally including Starling Bank, Standard Bank South Africa, Travelex and Brookline Bank.


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