We love customer feedback.

And as a product person, I’ve always been wired that way—you just have to be.

I especially love customer feedback when I’m able to easily identify trends, hearing the same thing over and over (and over).  Why, you might be wondering?

Because it means there is a common need that our customers share and my goal is to make sure real customer needs are met—and met quickly.

Even as we develop new features for our Dwolla, I’m always listening to what the customer needs. For example, when we added multi-user functionality to the Dashboard, our customers had a large influence in that.

More feedback, More Improvements

One particular ask we have been hearing more frequently from our customers is for the ability to create and use a customer-generated identifier on payment transfers and mass payments. The need to create this sort of ID is compelling—if you think about it, the transaction is initiated by the customer and undoubtedly an ID will be generated by the customer, but not until it is sent to Dwolla will the customer know the ID that corresponds to that transaction.

This makes the correlation between the two transactions potentially cumbersome and our customers were looking for a way to follow a transaction throughout the entire process, from initiation to completion.

In order to help simplify the process for our customers, we have created the Correlation ID.

The Correlation ID helps improve the traceability of a transaction, between two systems; it allows you to create an ID and use that ID from the point of origin on, instead of waiting for a response from Dwolla to then get an ID.

This Correlation ID is generated by an customer and can be used throughout the ACH transaction process to identify both single transfers and mass payments. The Correlation ID is also searchable within the API allowing a much more simple interface to and from Dwolla.

Now, customers can generate and use their ID throughout the flow making the correlation process more efficient.

Our product team is excited to see and learn from how our Dwolla customers use this feature.

Additionally, as we continue to listen to feedback, I look forward to providing more features that help simplify and streamline the ACH transaction processes.


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