As of December 7, 2016, Dwolla has wound down some functionality you’re used to seeing on Part of this wind down includes removing the creation of Dwolla Forms and Hub Pages and consequently the sending and receiving of payments via those tools.

The ability to create a Dwolla Form or Hub Page has been eliminated for both Business and Personal Dwolla Accounts; you can no longer utilize or make payments using these tools.

If you’re a business that has relied heavily upon Forms or Hub Pages, we recommend integrating Dwolla’s API for onboarding individuals and accepting payments.

Other Alternatives

We’re excited to recommend JotForm to easily create forms and collect payments using a variety of payment options, including Dwolla. Check out our help article on how to use Dwolla and JotForm together to get up and running in minutes.

For more information on the December 7th changes, please review the questions below, or view the full FAQ for Personal and Business Accounts.

What functionality is being removed from the dashboard and Dwolla mobile app on December 7, 2016?

  • The capability for Personal Accounts to send, receive, or request funds with other Personal Accounts (i.e. P2P) will no longer be available in the Dwolla’s web or mobile applications. Dwolla recommends our customer, Current to send a request for funds between friends and family.
  • The capability for Personal Accounts to ‘Send’ and ‘Request’ funds from Business, Non-profit, or Government Accounts will no longer be available in Dwolla’s web or mobile applications.
  • Personal accounts will be able to fulfill ‘Pending Requests’ and receive money from Business, Non-profit, and Government Accounts, as well as ‘Withdraw’ funds to a connected bank account.
  • The capability for Personal Accounts to ‘Add Money’ to their Dwolla account balance will no longer be available in the or Dwolla mobile experiences.
  • The capability for Personal Accounts to generate and use Dwolla Forms and Hub Pages will no longer be supported. Dwolla Buttons will no longer be generated or supported.

How might the changes on December 7, 2016 affect me?

  • How do I receive or send payments with new individuals? Dwolla will remove the signup experience on for Personal Accounts. Organizations looking to onboard new customers have three options:
    • (Recommended) Use Dwolla’s API for onboarding individuals, as well as sending and receiving payments
    • (Recommended) Business, Non-profit, and Government Accounts may send or request funds from any email address or account type using the web, mobile, or a third-party application (e.g. JotForm). Also known as Dwolla Direct, this onboarding option sends new users an email. A unique URL provides a simplified experience to claim funds or fulfill a payment—no full Personal Dwolla Account required. Learn more about the Dwolla Direct experience.
    • We’ve created a specific URL ( to facilitate full Personal Account signup moving forward. This URL MUST be used when proactively encouraging Personal Accounts to be set up. Business, Nonprofit, and Government Accounts may still register on

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