Des Moines has always been a special place for Dwolla. As we’ve grown our San Francisco and Des Moines offices, we’ve been placed reliably in the same place in Des Moines.

With a recent surge in hiring and an additional 75 team members we anticipate adding over the next year and half, we’ve been discussing the best place to grow our business in Iowa. After some reflection, we realized that being downtown is a big part of who we are.

We’ve increased our investment in Des Moines and our operations substantially by leasing a new 22,000-square-foot office space downtown. The new space has a few things for our team that will help us better support our customers and community.

We’re moving from up in the clouds on our current 18th floor into the community. At 909 Locust, we’ll enjoy a much closer connection with the community on the second floor.

We’ve also added a community meeting room that will accommodate nearly 100 people. We anticipate using this room for internal programming but also for community focused classes and meetups. We will not be charging for use of the room and instead will focus its use on saving critical organizations money and time finding a place to host their gatherings.

We are very excited to continue to increase our contribution to the Des Moines technology community.

Des Moines has always been an important part of our company, and I’m excited to continue to grow in Iowa. As we build our team, we do so knowing that the best teams are built by the inclusion of diverse ideas, experiences, and people. If this interests you, we hope you’ll consider joining us.

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