If you’re an existing Dwolla customer, you’ve helped us fine tune our partner launch process over a period of time. Depending on your product, it might have varying degrees of complexity.

There are a number of different ways that you can use Dwolla’s platform.

    • Send funds
    • Receive funds
    • Send and Receive funds
    • Facilitate transfers
    • Me-to-Me transfers

At face value, these five funds flows seem reasonably simple but they can become extremely detailed. As a business building on the U.S. banking system you might run into various regulations and other requirements, such as information security management procedures, that may be complex to work through.

As Dwolla’s focus has moved more and more towards providing a back-end solution, something we take great pride in, we’ve also realized that one of the core values we bring to you is streamlined guidance on how to build your payments integration so that it complies with those regulations and requirements.

After hundreds of launches and mapping each one in detail, we have refined the process to go-live to ensure a more seamless onboarding experience for our partners.

This process now realizes predictable steps that help build a better understanding of what’s involved and required.
application review process
Even though getting a customer launched on the Dwolla Platform costs money, and takes time and energy to get the necessary materials approved and in to place before partners are able to start leveraging the Dwolla Platform, we can save many businesses 6+ months in development and other resources by partnering together.

Account Managers have played an important role in gathering the information from our partners to help bring this seamless onboarding experience together for everyone, and Dwolla’s application approval process will continue to develop with ongoing feedback.

The Dwolla team took the mapping of each process and standardized the framework. We codified it and put it into an accepted process to streamline it for everyone involved. The best examples we found were in the Google Play and Apple App Store. These leading marketplaces show what an efficient launch process of extremely complex software can do for a business.

We look to these platforms as a guiding light for best practices as how to launch new software–built on a payment platform–could be improved. Today, and going forward, applications will be launched using our new application submission & review process. After your initial kick-off call with the Dwolla team, you fill in the required information.

If you have questions along the way, you simply open up the chat window and talk to your account manager.

The process is greatly simplified, eliminating the need for multiple meetings in order to obtain this information. Instead of reigning in your team to focus across 5 different steps, you simply submit the app for review.

application review process
When submitting your application for approval, you’ll select the application type you’ve built in the sandbox and include the relevant information. This information is a link to your privacy policy, terms of service, email copy, and additional information depending on the type of application you’ve developed.

The Dwolla team has put in many months to formulating a better process–through building, polling, interviews, etc.–to better streamline the application review process for everyone. We recognize that given the complexity of the businesses that you’re building, one of the values we provide is the ability to understand and help you quickly map your software to the banking infrastructure.

We’re excited to continue doing that with a more sophisticated and standardized process.

At Dwolla, we are here to help you get your business to market in a timely manner. Even if it is a complex one.

We’d also like to say thank you to the team and hundreds of partners who helped us fine tune this process. We’re really excited to help everyone launch their next big idea!


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