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53 million Americans—or 34% of the population—qualify as freelancers according to a national study. This number will only continue to grow, as the sharing economy, remote working, and services catering to that industry develop.

This should come as no surprise. Freelancing offers the flexibility and control that many people are looking for. However, life as a freelancer isn’t always clear-cut. You have to negotiate pay rates, manage your time, and ensure you’re getting paid on time. And when you’re operating on your own as a freelancer, you can’t afford the costs—or headaches—of not getting paid. can help mitigate that concern. Founded in 2015, Due is an online invoicing platform created specifically for freelancers and small businesses. Since its founding, Due has helped thousands get paid faster in order to improve cash flow and operate more efficiently.

“Our goal is to make it easy for the millions of freelancers from around the US to pay and get paid. We use Dwolla to help make this easier and as seamless as possible.”

John Rampton, CEO of Due

About Due

Due’s suite of solutions is cutting the paper and checks out of the process, with features running the gambit to serve freelancers. Right within the Due platform, you are able to create and track invoices sent to partners and clients.


The platform also enables tracking details of invoice status, accepting a wider means of payment, mitigating invoice duplication, and more.

Better yet, invoices from Due can be branded to take on the look and feel of the freelancer’s business and brand.

The missing piece: A Digital Wallet

Building on the already robust feature set offered by Due, its team wanted to integrate into its platform the ability for its users to hold a balance—think a sort of “digital wallet”—as opposed to payments going to the user’s personal bank or credit union account by default right away. This functionality, which is sometimes called a Dwolla Balance, would provide freelancers and small businesses a better means of managing cash-flow and control over finances.

Enter, Dwolla.

“We love our partnership with Dwolla, it was one of the easiest integrations we’ve been able to work on. The team was great, API was easy to understand and implement into our system and overall it just works!”

Chalmers Brown, CTO of Due

Due integrated Dwolla’s ACH API in order to offer two things to its customers:

  1. The ability to accept ACH payments (rather than high-fee credit cards)
  2. The ability to hold a balance (for better funds management)

Now, with Dwolla’s API doing the heavy lifting on the backend, Due can focus on building the best platform for managing freelance finances, while Dwolla facilitates the ACH functionality it needs. If freelancers receive a payment via ACH, they can hold a balance within their Due-branded, Dwolla balance (or “wallet”) until they’re ready to move the funds elsewhere.

Freelance Success

As the popularity of working as a freelancer gains more and more momentum, freelancers need to stay competitive and on top of their game. Part of that competitive advantage is managing cash-flow and making it as seamless as possible for clients to pay for the service. Due can help—with the new ability to hold a balance and the means to accept ACH payments, finding freelance success is easier than ever.

Once you get started with Due, you can create and replicate invoices to send to customers, manage payments and outstanding requests, all the while saving time and easing your organizational needs. With Due setting up its platform so that users can hold balances, you, as a freelancer, will have a better handle on your finances so planning and managing your business operations as efficient as possible.

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