Analytics are in place for every part of your business—graphs show how your website is running, metrics for email open rates, and charts on the progress of projects. Naturally, you want insights into the payments flowing through your business or platform too, and that’s exactly what you get with our Dwolla Dashboard and Admin.

The dashboard makes managing ACH transfers easier. No longer will you have to fumble with spreadsheets or broken systems to serve your customers and field questions. In this post, we’ll walk you through some of the problems the new Dwolla Dashboard and Admin solves for. We’re using beautiful design and top-notch analytics to modernize the antiquated ACH transfer network.

First, an overview of the Dwolla Dashboard and Admin for White Label customers. Here’s the information, straight from the API to your fingertips:

    • Charts and graphs tracking data being collected from within the Dwolla White Label ACH API.
    • Customers and their transaction history or account information.
  • Transaction records for all activity on your platform, sending or receiving payments.

See the ebb and flow of funds

With the Dwolla Dashboard and Admin get  detailed graphs tracking the ebb and flow of your payments—beautiful graphs curated from the information flowing right through your Dwolla API integration.

Within these graphs, you can set date-based parameters to understand the time at which various activities are occurring. Get insights into the timing and behaviors of your customers to optimize your business.

For example, if you see spikes in transactions at certain times or days, then you can increase your support’s availability during those peaks.  Or if you notice high volumes of funds are flowing through your system on certain days, you can be prepared to monitor.

A better understanding of your customer’s status

If you only have half a map, it’s impossible to find the way; you’re working with half the information you need. In the same way, if you only have half of the picture when understanding a transaction or a customer, it’s not possible get your customers where they need to be.
With the Dwolla Dashboard and Admin, you’re equipped with the ability to look up a customer and edit certain information. Additionally, get handy insights into the status of your customer’s account—whether or not they’ve verified their bank account, etc. This level of service will improve customer support and lessen frustration.

Insightful tracking of transactions

With the charts and graphs dashboard, you’ll get a nice sweeping view of what transaction volume looks like, but you’re also able to zero-in to pinpoint specific transactions. Under the transactions tab, view whether a transaction is pending or complete, see send dates, etc.

Here, you can also search for specific transactions. So if a customer calls in asking about a specific transaction, you can quickly and efficiently look up that transaction to help answer any questions that customer may have.

Get insights more quickly and enhance your businesses’ efficiency.

Understanding why a transaction didn’t complete

In the same vein as searching for transactions, you can use the Dwolla Dashboard and Admin to understand why a transaction failed to complete. In the event that a transaction doesn’t go through, it’s sure helpful to know why. The dashboard provides the correlating ACH return code for a transaction, should it fail.

When choosing the right API for integrating ACH transfers, you can’t simply trust the cheapest option. This hasty decision making may end up costing you more in the long run. You deserve a solution that not only fits your business’s needs but helps you excel.

The Dwolla Dashboard and Admin provide a valuable level of insight into your payments and transactions. When you have detailed tracking for your social media activity or website traffic, you should expect the same for your payments and transactions. Don’t settle for less, reach out to learn more.
Product Update: We’ve added multi-user functionality to the Dashboard.

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