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Dwolla Drop-in Components

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Dwolla has released a series of pre-built tools focused on saving development time and reducing the technical barrier to entry. These components create aspects of a low-code payment integration.

By adding just a few lines of code, Dwolla will display a customizable front-end modal to your user and facilitate calls to the API. This modal will collect user information and steer that data away from your server. Whether you are quickly testing basic API calls or pushing for production use, these drop-in components are low-code solutions that allow you to rapidly implement payment functionality into your application.

Currently we have five drop-in components available for use:

  • Create an `Unverified` Customer
  • Upgrade an `Unverified` Customer to `Verified` Status
  • Upload Document
  • Create a `Verified` Customer
  • Display a Verified Customer Balance Amount

Check out our developer documentation for more information on how to integrate these components into your application!

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