Key Updates:

1. New and Improved Customer Search

We’ve been hard at work under the hood to improve search both in the API and in Dashboard. Improvements have greatly reduced the time needed to return results and it’s smarter about prioritizing them. Happy Searching!

Tech Topics:

1. From Webpack to Parcel

You may have thought about swapping Webpack for another asset bundler such as Parcel. We made this change while developing an app with Phoenix, and it wasn’t too difficult (aside from a couple gotchas). Read about why you might want to use Parcel instead of Webpack.

2. Jumpstart Your API Onboarding Using Postman

Simplified onboarding, clear documentation, a well-designed API, and tools that help you integrate an API quickly and efficiently. Postman is one of these tools that can be used by developers to get to know an API more closely. Learn more about inspecting APIs with Postman here.

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