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As we build the ideal platform to move money we continually introduce better ways to showcase our customers’ business and brand. Our simple-to-use payment platform unlocked the power of the U.S banking infrastructure and we are trusted by businesses of all sizes to provide this value layer.

By listening to our customers’ feedback, we’re able to evolve our offerings to better support the needs of our customers.

Each business that chooses to integrate with the Dwolla Platform provides our team with a unique growth opportunity. Growth doesn’t simply come in monetary form but in the ability to discover new business cases, explore more customer needs and develop our industry perspective. These pieces contribute to the improvements constantly implemented on the Dwolla Platform in order to provide a robust offering with the ideal user experience.

We are focused on Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments via an API, but there are many auxiliary services that accompany the need to provide a holistic customer experience. Genuinely listening to what problem each business owner is trying to solve helps us determine ‘how’ we can help. This allows Dwolla to focus on the right solution to help scale your business.

GOAT is a great example of a company that uses Dwolla’s payments API to customize its end user’s experience, making the authentic shoe buying and selling experience exceptional!

Taking ACH Transactions a Step Further

The end-user experience is a key focus for our customers and ensuring that their brand name, logo and business information are able to stay consistent with the rest of their offering. The introduction of our V2 API provided businesses with the ability to continue to enhance and grow their brand with their customers through a white-labeled integration for their payments. Their expressed appreciation upon this release constantly motivates us to continue to provide updates to our platform that allow businesses to expand their customer reach.

In addition to our white-labeled API, we empower businesses to showcase their name within the actual Automated Clearing House (ACH) transaction. This allows businesses to take their brand reach from beyond the boundaries of a website or app, but all the way to when customers are accessing their bank account or statements to also see your name.

addenda record example image

With ACH transactions, Dwolla takes your business needs one step further.

An ACH transaction allows for what are referred to as “addenda records.” Addenda records provide a unique opportunity to supply your customers with more information about their transactions. Allowing businesses to include additional details about the transaction—such as invoice numbers—provides their end users with more information about the transaction in the comfort of their own banking application. Sounds simple, right?

But when you are doing millions of transactions across an application with hundreds of thousands of users, traceability is crucial to saving you and your customers time and money. This extension of the ACH Network is a powerful means to help the financial operations for businesses and their end users

Cash concentration and disbursements (CCD) are a standard type of ACH entry for business to business transactions. CCD transactions allow businesses to reduce cash flow complications. With a shorter return window, CCD payments allow businesses to have a more predictable cash flow with less concern that returns may happen days or weeks later. This greater expectation of when returns can occur helps put a business—and their finance department—at ease.

We Are Never Done

How we extend the power of ACH addenda and CCD transactions (into what is referred to as CCD+) is just another way of enhancing the Dwolla Platform for businesses. At Dwolla we want to provide you with a robust payments platform so you can focus on one thing—your business.

If you are interested in learning more about some of our customizable features or growing your business with our team, take a look at our pricing plans.


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