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Our Product team focuses on one goal every day at Dwolla: building better software for our customers. Different companies go about chasing that goal in different ways, sometimes building products based on hunches or by scrambling to react to what the market is doing. At Dwolla, our product team believes the interactions we have on a regular basis with our customers are among the most powerful influences that guide us towards building better software.

By listening to the experiences of our customers we can better understand where we have opportunities to improve our integration process, our API and our dashboard for all of our customers and their end users.

To formalize these customer interactions, Dwolla is excited to announce the launch of our Customer Feedback Program.

The Customer Feedback Program is a small set of influential customers that will interact on a regular cadence with Dwolla’s Product team. Similar to the benefits provided to participants in charter customer programs or customer advisory boards, each participating customer will be offered a number of premium benefits for its investment in improving the Dwolla product experience.

Benefits of Participating in the Customer Feedback Program:

  • Participating customers will have the privilege of exerting influence on inflight feature development.
  • As a component of shaping the direction of the product, customers will also have early access and ability to influence the product roadmap.
  • Additionally, customer feedback partners will have the privilege of early access to beta features in exchange for their feedback and product suggestions.

Selection Criteria:

Customers are selected based on Dwolla’s current access to customers who represent various payment flows and industries. If a customer looks to be a good fit for the program, their account manager will contact the product team who will reach out for an initial call to discuss the details of the program.

Getting Involved:

Customers who are interested in partnering with the Dwolla product team to improve the product experience for themselves and their end-users should reach out to their account managers to express interest. Together, we can continue building a payment platform that works for you!


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