At Dwolla, we believe Inclusion Fuels Innovation.

We reject all forms of racism, violence, hate and bigotry. Equality is a non-negotiable value that is embedded in our DNA.

We stand in solidarity with our Black employees, customers and community.

We commit to investing time and effort into raising our awareness of the experiences of the Black community and other racialized communities in America.

We commit to educating ourselves on the systemic nature of racism in America, including within the financial services industry.

We commit to amplifying and promoting Black voices, content, and ideas, and in particular, using our network to increase Black entrepreneurs’ access to venture capital.

We commit to partnering with organizations that support Black, racialized and other marginalized communities.

We commit to supporting our employees’ rights to participate in democratic action, including protesting peacefully, registering to vote and voting.

We commit to ensuring our corporate policies are anti-racist and continuing to abide by our zero tolerance policy on racism.

The Dwolla Team


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