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Fetch, an expense reporting product, has heard from many of its customers that they can reimburse employees at least 5 business days faster than when they used checks.

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A 2015 study found that on average time spent on an expense report for a single night hotel stay is 20 minutes, with 19 percent of reports containing an error that adds an additional 18 minutes to correct. Meaning, the average cost of processing that expense report is $58 with an additional $52 if there are errors to correct.


Fetch’s users requested its application become an end-to-end solution with the ability to send funds out of the platform. Fetch recognized this as an opportunity, but also a major challenge in providing payments functionality.


Fetch implemented Dwolla to facilitate sending funds from employers for simple and quick reimbursements to employees. The implementation delivered a quality user experience, with over half of the companies opting to use the extended payments functionality upon sign up, resulting in a 95% retention rate.

“The personal touch Dwolla offers during the implementation process was second-to-none. Dwolla couldn’t have made it easier for us to add a reimbursement component into Fetch.”

Rob Witman, VP Product Engineering


The Situation

Fetch, a Shoeboxed product is an expense reporting application that simplifies and streamlines the process for the users of the application while providing expense reimbursement and spending insights. The inspiration for Fetch came from Shoeboxed users wanting to perform expense reporting and execute on reimbursing their employees, all within the same application.

Fetch’s mobile app needed to allow employees to take a photo of their receipt and categorize the expense. The software would then automatically pull the data right off the picture of the receipt and group the data together for administrator approval.

This process removes the need to manually make expense reports while lowering the time commitment for administrators. Fetch even has all the receipt data quickly human-verified to avoid incorrect data. Once this data is approved by the administrator, the expenses will be reimbursed right through the app.

Fetch also removes the need for checks to be used for reimbursement, because with their app, an employee can connect their bank account and then the funds are sent from the company account to the employee’s bank account.


The Challenges

When Fetch first began development, the biggest challenge was integrating payments functionality into the application. The company had very specific needs of a payments platform in order to fit its ideal use case.

Fetch needed funds to be automatically triggered to transfer money from the employer’s bank account to the employee’s bank account. This reimbursement would need to be triggered programmatically on approval, without requiring employees to “cash out” or to create a new bank account.

Beyond the fund’s flow requirements, Fetch also had three important requirements that they wouldn’t compromise on.

  1. An efficient integration timeline
  2. Open communication & support
  3. Quick reimbursements


How Dwolla Helped

Efficient Integration Timeline

After having spent 3 months unsuccessfully integrating with another payments provider, Fetch was looking for an alternative solution. Fetch found Dwolla, offering an implementation that was streamlined, less painful, and much more efficient comparatively.

Solution: Fetch found value in Dwolla’s clean and well-designed API. This, coupled with the expertise of Dwolla’s integration engineers, was very reassuring. Fetch knew that both of these would factor into how quickly it could go live.

Outcome: Fetch went live with its Dwolla implementation in ⅓ of the time, as compared to the integration process with its previous payments provider.

Open Communication & Support

Fetch was looking for a payments platform that could be relied on not only during the integration process, but even after they went live. Being able to easily reach out to their provider and get support in a timely manner was important to them.

Solution: Fetch was excited to hear that, in addition to integration engineers, Dwolla also offered an account manager to address any questions during integration and beyond.

Outcome: Dwolla support has saved the Fetch development team over 20 hours of work with implementation and debugging help.

Quick Reimbursements

In order to delight the users of their application, Fetch required efficient and speedy transfer times.

Solution: The Fetch team was impressed with how much faster Dwolla could facilitate reimbursements than the manual process so many used before.

Outcome: Many Fetch users are reported to enjoy reimbursements times that are at least 5 business days faster than their prior solution.

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