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What’s your time worth? The value is pretty high, right? It’s one of those things you can’t get back once it’s gone, and this young startup has a solution for saving yours.

Burpy is an on-demand grocery delivery service born out of a group of college friends operating in major Texas cities—get your own personal shopper to pick and deliver groceries right to your door on the same day of order. With Burpy, you skip the hassle of parking and check-out lines, giving you more time to dedicate to doing what you love.

From your desktop or phone, select the grocery items you need, the store of your preference, and Burpy will deploy a shopper to select what you had in mind.

“Burpy started between five students at the University of Texas to serve a need in the community, a need to help people get their groceries delivered. Our vision is to provide a personal grocery shopping experience to our clients. The team of shoppers not only provide exceptional services to our customers, but are helping others by bringing the groceries they need. The many people we help include office managers, working moms, and the elderly who have difficulty getting out of their homes..”

Azim, Co-founder and COO at Burpy

While Burpy is useful for consumers, we took an alternate look at the service, focusing on the backend experience for the personal shoppers Burpy hires to  go out and do the shopping

Managing the personal shoppers

Imagine buying groceries for someone whom you’ve never met. It would require some insight and detailed notes. To deliver on this need, Burpy developed an effective portal for its personal shoppers where they can:


One of the most unique features of the Burpy personal shopper portal is the performance and feedback tracking system. Whenever a grocery delivery is complete, users provide reviews on the personal shopper’s performance—did the personal shopper get all the correct items or were any of the requested items missed?

This feedback is valuable for all involved. Burpy’s personal shoppers can use it to find areas of improvement, while the customers gain confidence in the experience.

Burpy + Dwolla

Also featured on the personal shopper portal is a section for managing the personal shopper’s  payouts, featuring a slick Dwolla integration from Burpy’s team of developers.


In this wallet-like payments system, Burpy’s personal shoppers track their wages—both pending and complete. Order completion is also verified along with double-checking charges, etc.

Using Dwolla’s OAuth process, Burpy’s personal shoppers securely create a Dwolla Direct account one time. By linking a Dwolla Direct account, funds are automatically swept to the personal shopper’s connected bank account and Burpy is never in possession of sensitive banking information. All future payouts will be sent by Burpy straight to the personal shopper’s linked bank account at the shopper’s request.

Burpy’s Dwolla integration creates a more streamlined process for getting its personal shoppers setup to receive their payments. For these type of on-demand services, the fewer the steps, the better—it’s about seamlessness for both the customer and the shopper.

Better Built Payouts

Burpy saw value in integrating with Dwolla; previously its personal shoppers could only request their payouts twice per week, on Mondays and Thursdays. Now, payouts take place with no fee per transaction, and the personal shoppers can request payment as frequently as every day, increasing accessibility to funds.

From a business case, this increased access to funds is highly valuable. Burpy personal shoppers cover the costs of gas and vehicle maintenance. If their payouts and profit were tied up in a less accessible payments system, they may not be able to afford to cover their costs.

“The shoppers’ feedback is very positive. They are happy that they get the opportunity to request payment every day. Users who operate in an on-demand economy need access to their payment to complete more orders and withdrawing a payment every day allows them to fulfill more orders.”

Azim, Co-founder and COO at Burpy

Now, Burpy is processing several transactions per day to pay out their personal shoppers, and this will only increase as the on-demand experience gains momentum.

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