ACH is cheap—at least that’s what you’ll find when you Google for cost comparisons of facilitating bank transfers versus processing credit cards. However, while the transaction itself can cost mere pennies, what does it really take to get up and running with ACH for payments?

While the inexpensive per transaction cost of ACH is the siren call that draws many businesses and developers to the network, its complexities and traditional inflexibility are fraught with hidden costs and requirements that often drive hopefuls away. When you have a product you want to share with the world, you don’t want to spend tedious months building your own ACH payment solution as well.

Building your own ACH solution

One of the most common do-it-yourself solutions requires you to work with a commercial bank’s interface, uploading a CSV file that contains a batched deposit amount with beneficiary account details. Customer and bank verification is a must—and it’s on the business to handle.

Bank account verification can usually be accomplished by making micro-deposits in the customer’s account. For any miskeyed or inaccurate account numbers, error notifications will be generated. You’ll need these to be collected each day, and customers must be notified in order to resolve the issues. Finally, if you are going to handle bank information in the slightest you’ll need to understand SSL and how to properly encrypt your customer’s data.

On top of that you have to handle ACH rejection codes, fraud mitigation, suspicious activity reports, etc.

Do you have the staff to support building and maintaining your own ACH infrastructure, as well as the capacity to expand upon additional feature sets when your customers ask for them?

Dwolla White Label

Dwolla has been working on innovating the way that businesses and developers interact with the ACH network for the past five years. We’ve built a White Label API that allows you to design your ideal ACH solution, with consultative support from our payments professionals and developers each step of the way.

5 Reasons to choose Dwolla for your ACH payments integration:

1. Easy to integrate

The Dwolla API comes with clean documentation and developer resources, as well as an easy-to-use sandbox testing environment. Dwolla plays nicely alongside any existing payments technologies you’re utilizing today.

2. Customize the experience

Enable bank transfers for your application that look and feel like your brand. From account creation to payment notifications, design the ideal end-to-end payments experience for your customers with our White Label API.

3. Security matters

We built our platform with security in mind. Let us help you manage the complexities of compliance, so you can focus on what really matters.

4. Get to market faster

Cut your implementation to a fraction of the time without cutting corners. Our team of payment experts and developers will help you build programmatic payments into your platform so that you can get to market faster.

5. Predictable costs

We don’t charge a per transaction fee, we simply work with you to determine a flat monthly-rate for your custom ACH solution. Paying customers will receive priority support and access to industry professionals every step of the way.

Leverage our team and the Dwolla White Label API to get your own reliable payment experience baked into your platform or application, without needing to hire your own team of in-house payments experts.

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