We’ve built a easy to use bank transfer API for moving funds between US bank accounts. The ACH system can be complex to build upon and navigate, but Dwolla has built a bank transfer API that makes it easy for business and developers to get up and running with ACH transfers that can be leveraged inside of their own applications, and alongside their existing technologies.

With Dwolla’s bank transfer API, we’ve made it easy to send money to a customerreceive money from a customer, or facilitate bank transfers between customers.

Sending a bank transfer to a customer

As a developer, you can choose which onboarding experience you’d like to support. Currently, we offer a Dwolla-branded OAuth payments integration, as well as a custom white labeled payments integration.

Regardless of which option you implement, the first step will be to create recipients for your transfer, along with linking a funding source to each recipient to where the money will be sent. Dwolla’s branded experience will prompt your recipients for their bank or credit union account information, while the white label solution gives you the option to allow your application to capture these fields to pass on to Dwolla for secure storage.

For more information on how to send funds to a customer, read the developer guide.

Receiving a bank transfer from a customer

Again, you will need to choose whether you’d like to keep Dwolla in the background with our white label solution or offer a lightly Dwolla branded OAuth experience for your customers. Customers with the ability to send funds must be linked to a verified funding source.

With the white labeled solution, you will be able to utilize dwolla.js to collect customer account and routing number or to embed an instant account verification experience into your platform. With the Dwolla-branded OAuth experience, the customer will be sent to Dwolla to provide and verify their banking information before being redirected back to your application.

For more information on how to receive funds from customers, read the developer guide.

Facilitate bank transfers between customers

The most common scenario for the need to facilitate transfers between customers is for marketplace transfers from buyer to vendor or peer-to-peer transfers.

When facilitating bank transfers for users, you’ll want to utilize the white label solution. Two customers will need to be created, and each will need to have a funding source linked. If the customer will only be receiving payments, you have the option to require that they verify their funding source. If the customer will need to send payments, they will be required to have a verified bank account.

For more information on how to transfer funds between customers, read the developer guide.

If you need to add bank transfers to your platform or application, get started building in our sandbox environment.

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