Faster Payments Production Improvements

The product team has been focused on improvements to the client and onboarding experience of Dwolla’s faster payment methods. 

A few areas that the team has recently focused on include: 

  • Error handling and messaging for Push-to-Debit related to duplicate card scenarios and debit card eligibility to receive push payments. 
  • Additional card validation on the Push-to-Debit form, as well as expanded styling options.
  • Internal logging and reporting improvements for all payment methods to improve issue resolution and customer experience. 

Learn more about Dwolla’s transfer types here.

Education on Platform Features in the Dashboard

We’re making it easier for Clients to understand the different features that are available on the Dwolla Platform. 

In the side navigation of the Dwolla Dashboard, there is a new tab labeled “features” for clients to learn more about individual features and request access to upgrade to different features.

From faster payment methods, to adding addenda records use the new page in the Dwolla Dashboard to learn about the functionality and implementation.

Visit the features page to learn more!

Business Document Uploads

When attempting to verify a business, the Dwolla API will provide more specific feedback when there are issues with an uploaded business document.  

If you receive a customer_verification_document_failed webhook, you’ll need to upload another document. To retrieve the failure reason for the document upload, you’ll retrieve the document by its ID. 

Contained in the response will be a failureReason field which corresponds to one or more values. In case of a failure due to multiple reasons, an additional allFailureReasons of reasons and descriptions is also returned. 

Dwolla has added the three reasons below to the existing set of reasons.

  • BusinessNameMismatch – Business name on account does not match document. Please ensure that the business name on the document matches the business name on the account.
  • BusinessTypeMismatch Business type chosen does not match the document. Please ensure that the business type on the document matches the business type on the account.
  • BusinessDocNotSupported Business document is not supported. Please upload a different document. This document type is not supported by the system.

If you are an existing client and have feedback for us on any of these updates, please contact us at


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