Building a crowdfunding platform for real estate investments is a feat in itself. However, building your own payments interface to facilitate ACH transactions don’t have to be part of the scope.

Why build a payments solution from the ground up, when you can integrate ACH transfer functionality directly into your user interface?

Dwolla’s White Label API gives you an easy on-ramp to the ACH Network in a way that works seamlessly for you and your users. Design the payment experience to reflect your brand standards, from attaching and verifying a bank account to facilitating ACH transfers.

The ACH Network can be complex and full of lurking hurdles to overcome around regulations and compliance. Let the professionals at Dwolla help you navigate the complexities of leveraging bank transfers, and take the burden of building a payments solution from scratch off your shoulders.

Dwolla provides webhooks for easy monitoring of transaction status updates and makes it easy for you to brand and kick off your own email communications regarding a user’s account activity.

You’ve built the real estate investing platform, we’ve built the bank transfer API. Instead of re-inventing the payments wheel, let us help you get to market faster and make payments one less thing for you to worry about building and managing.

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