Today, we released an intuitive new dashboard for White Label customers to manage customers, view transaction details, and discover business trends. All information within this interface leverages the Dwolla API powering the customer’s ACH transfer integration but provides the data in a way that’s easy to manage and act upon from a business operations perspective.

By providing a clear view into the integration data, the new dashboard makes it simpler for customers to provide quality customer support to their users, reconcile every payment, and keep tabs on the heart of their payments integration. We’ve built the admin interface so White Label customers don’t have to jeopardize their own time building, maintaining, and scaling their own DIY dashboard.

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On the main dashboard, users will find beautiful charts and graphs built from the data being collected from within their integration with the Dwolla White Label ACH API. Customer and transaction data will be arranged in a way that provides a straightforward look into the health of the business and makes it easy to establish and analyze business trends over time.


Customers can easily look up and edit customer information from within the dashboard, an important feature for providing quality customer support and communication. Customer service is a critical piece to running a successful business—customers like GOAT have been able to reduce cashout related support tickets by 80% after integrating Dwolla’s bank transfer API.


View transactions received and sent across your platform. Search and view transaction details, or simply use this functionality to assist in your reconciliation processes. Run basic accounting and business operations faster.

Save hours of your own developers’ time by eliminating the need to build a custom view of your White Label integration. Utilize a smarter interface for managing payments—your customers and accounting department will thank you.

Product Update: We’ve added multi-user functionality to the Dashboard.

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