Businesses of all sizes are integrating Dwolla’s simple White Label ACH API and benefitting from strong results and improvements over their antiquated payment operations. An Instagram advertising platform integrated the payments API slashing time spent performing manual payout processing tasks by 50% and reducing payouts processing costs by 31% in the first month. A property management platform decreased time spent on manually processing reversals by 90% while simultaneously decreasing their total number of reversals by 23%. A retail marketplace was able to simplify their funds flow and decrease cashout related support tickets by 80%, and decrease payment processing time from up to 7 days to an average of 2.

One of the payment flows that Dwolla’s payment API facilitates well is on the payouts side. There are many options for sending bank transfers to supplier, vendor, or contractors, and Dwolla’s MassPay API can be utilized to initiate thousands of mass payments at once. Once given the OK by Dwolla, a partner can programmatically add their recipients’ financial information if they’ve already obtained and verified it by another means, or they can collect that information via Dwolla’s own API. One of these methods is by utilizing dwolla.js, which can provide instant account verification and micro-deposit bank verification to a partner’s site or application in just a few lines of code.

If your business is in need of a flexible and robust payment solution for sending, receiving, or facilitating bank transfers and payments between users, consider Dwolla’s ACH API. From the beginning, you work with a diligent sales representative to design a payment solution that fits your unique business needs. But after you outline your solution, we continue to guide you through implementation by appointing an integration lead to assist you with building your payment solution in our sandbox environment. Right up to and even after your launch, you’ll have your own Dwolla account services manager to be your main point of contact if you encounter any obstacles or questions as it pertains to your service.

We work with you to determine the appropriate monthly cost for your payment integration. We don’t charge on a per-transaction basis, making it easier for you to predict your future costs—a blessing when it comes to planning and managing your business finances.

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