Understanding and navigating the ACH Network can be daunting without an experienced guide.

That’s where Dwolla’s software can act as your reliable and affordable ACH provider. Our flexible ACH payment API allows your business to transfer funds to and receive funds from customers or facilitate ACH payments between users.

With Dwolla, businesses are discovering that ACH is the most cost effective and efficient way to transfer money. The ACH Network moves more $40 trillion each year through more than 25 billion transactions.

Using the ACH Network means little to no per-transaction fees, extremely reliable timelines and no more paper checks.

But how do you find a reliable and affordable ACH provider to leverage the ACH Network?

Dwolla offers all the aspects of an excellent ACH provider, including:

  • Flexibility & Customization
  • Security
  • Pricing
    • Companies with high amounts of transactions per month can take advantage of Dwolla’s pricing models that offer predictable monthly costs. Companies with less volume can sign up for variable pricing and pay per transaction.
  • Ease of Integration
  • Constant Improvement

Some of the most innovative companies in the United States are choosing Dwolla as their ACH provider. Are you ready to join them?

Dwolla’s Software is an ACH Provider

Dwolla’s software provides a stable and reliable ACH payment API initiating the transfer of billions of dollars in ACH transfers each year. We are a trusted payments service used by governments and businesses across the U.S. This experience and trust is what Dwolla offers businesses that would otherwise have to build their own onramp to the ACH Network.

New York-based Rally Rd. is an investment platform with an application providing investment opportunities in blue-chip collector automobiles.

Rally Rd. CEO and Co-Founder Chris Bruno said they spent more than 18 months developing a technology platform and SEC qualified regulatory and compliance structure.

In the end, they did not want to build their own ACH integration too.

“You have to focus on what you’re good at and what you want to be really good at,” Bruno explains. “We wanted to be good at user experience and recreating equity capital markets in a box. Making sure money moves and doing that in a way that fits with banking regulations, that’s not going to add value to our business.

“Getting a partner who does that really well and who lives and breathes that is the right way to do it.”

Rally Rd. chose Dwolla as their affordable ACH provider.

“I think ACH in general makes sense so investment returns aren’t impacted by high transaction fees,” Bruno says. “And once you decide to go with ACH, Dwolla was really the only game in town.”

Your business deserves an ACH provider who will help you grow. That ACH provider is Dwolla.

Reliable ACH Transactions with Company Branding

With Dwolla’s ACH payment API, your business can keep its branding at the forefront while utilizing the Dwolla Platform to process ACH transfers in your app behind the scenes With Dwolla, ACH transfers are seamless and help your team manage the complexities of compliance and fraud that come along with payments.

The online shoe marketplace GOAT leverages Dwolla’s ACH payments API and its white label functionality to ensure sellers get paid faster, with a seamless onboarding.

GOAT Co-Founder Eddy Lu said their existing payout flow worked just fine, until the company began to scale and making money started costing them.

“It got so bad we began using a credit card to accelerate payouts,” Lu said. “When you’re a marketplace sacrificing two-to-three percent of your profit margin to maintain a user experience that you don’t even control, that’s just bad business.”

GOAT needed a non-branded ACH solution that could be integrated quickly and complement its existing payment processor.

In 10 days, GOAT integrated Dwolla as its ACH provider for payouts, simplifying their funds flow and decreasing cash-out related support tickets by 80%.

So how can your business benefit the way Rally Rd. and GOAT have? Dwolla offers various ways to get started with Dwolla’s ACH API.

Developers can start immediately by playing in our sandbox, a replica of Dwolla’s production environment that gives developers the ability to see how the Dwolla Platform actually operates. Test a single API endpoint or build out your entire application, for free.

Our developer documentation serves as a roadmap to navigating Dwolla’s ACH payment API.

And Dwolla has integration specialists available to talk today. Reach out to start a conversation.

Better payments are possible because the ideal ACH provider already exists.

All you have to do is reach out.


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