Dwolla has a powerful and flexible solution for ACH payouts and transfers. By integrating Dwolla’s feature-rich API and easy-to-use mass payments tool, businesses are able to add an element of simplicity and reliability to their ACH payouts.

When looking for an ACH payouts solution there’s a lot to consider—from ease of integration and commitment of developer time to cost of use and functionality.

Dwolla offers a full-stack ACH payouts solution, free of a per-transaction fee, that can be integrated quickly.

As a Dwolla customer, you can access our easy-to-use Dwolla MassPay tool by simply uploading a CSV file with customer email addresses and corresponding transfer amounts and initiate thousands of payments to your customers within seconds. Want to send programmatic payouts? Tap into the Dwolla MassPay API to get started.

Wanting to control more of the customer experience? Dwolla’s ACH API allows you to transfer funds seamlessly, from customer onboarding to how your business name is displayed on your customer’s bank statement.

Dwolla provides a simple, easy-to-integrate API to power your payments and help you manage risk and compliance.

When implementing Dwolla’s white label payout solution, there are three major components that require different levels of verification to get going:

For a deeper dive into Dwolla’s white labeled ACH payouts solution, use our developer portal for extensive developer resources and API documentation.

The Dwolla API gives your business the ability to use Dwolla’s existing infrastructure—bank partnerships, real-time fraud analysis, communication protocols and more.

Get started building your new ACH payouts solution in our sandbox, or talk to an integration specialist today.

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