If you’re still sending checks or are in and out of various account softwares attempting to reconcile a disjointed payouts process—there’s a better way.

Make the change to Dwolla MassPay now to alleviate the costs of your outdated payout process. Easily send thousands of ACH payments at one time by leveraging our MassPay API. We’ve recently taken MassPay to the next level making it available in our v2 API, meaning that you can now build a truly customized payout experience making mass payments in our White Label API.

Automate ACH Payouts

The recent release provides even more reason to automate your payouts process. Many companies leverage Dwolla MassPay to please their customers with timely payments, while reducing the costs associated with managing multiple payout solutions. Integrate mass payment functionality directly in your existing system and gain time back to focus on building your business.

This release makes automating your payouts process easier than ever. Build mass payments right into your platform, cut out manual processes, and add time and peace of mind back into your work day.

Improvements to Dwolla Payouts API

MassPay in our v2 API has significant improvements. These include:

– Create a customized experience with Dwolla White Label
– Use webhooks – get updates sent to your application
– Add custom fields to your transactions
– Use metadata to add up to 10 fields
– This helps you reference and reconcile with items such as invoice numbers
– Add metadata to your MassPay job (as a whole)
– Easily group transactions for your reference

Experience the improvements first hand by testing it out in our sandbox environment.

Send mass payments, no code required

If you’re not ready to get started with our API, you can easily use our ready-made MassPay tool by creating a Dwolla account and going to dwolla.com/masspay/send. Here, you can upload a simple CSV file with email addresses and corresponding payment amounts, and send your first mass payment in just a few clicks. No technical knowledge required.

Customize your ACH payout solution

Couple the power of the MassPay API with our recently released white label receive-only functionality for a truly customized payout solution. A “receive-only” user is only eligible to receive transfers to an attached bank account from the Dwolla account that created it—perfect for a “payouts only” business model. Your users will only experience your brand, from email notifications to viewing your business name next to transfers received on their bank statement.

Our White Label solution is available as part of a paid business package. Pay a flat-monthly rate for your tailored payments solution, with no per transaction fees, and receive a dedicated integration manager and developer chat support every step of the way.

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