The ACH network can be complicated to navigate but Dwolla built a platform that makes it easy for developers to get up and running by wrapping bank transfers into an ACH API for initiating transfers between US bank accounts.

To help you make ACH payments programmatically, we’ve simplified the initiation of a bank transfer process to a few simple steps:

Create a customer record:

 "firstName": “Dwolla”,
 "lastName": “Support”,
 "email": “"
 "ipAddress": ""

Attach a funding source:

   "accountNumber": "12345678",
   "routingNumber": "026005092",
   "accountType": "Checking",
   "name": “Wells Fargo ACH”

Create an ACH transfer:

   "_links": {
       "source": {
           "href": ""
       "destination": {
           "href": ""
   "amount": {
       "value": "1339.00",
       "currency": "USD"

Dwolla’s ACH API is great for third-party ACH payments. Applications include ACH payouts for contractors or suppliers, payroll payments and marketplace payouts.

Play in Dwolla’s Sandbox

To see how Dwolla’s ACH API works without actually moving money, use our sandbox environment to test transfers using fake data in your application. Dwolla’s sandbox represents a replica of the Dwolla production environment, so it gives developers the ability to see how the Dwolla Platform actually operates.

From testing a single API endpoint to building out your entire application, the sandbox is a powerful and flexible resource. Fully functional. All for free.

The Dwolla Platform

To initiate transactions you’ll need to build an application and include the application credentials in your requests.

Use the instructions below to get started:

There are other functionalities that Dwolla offers, including:

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