The ACH Network is gigantic (it’s a network of more than 10,000 financial institutions) and moves lots of money (more than $43 trillion over 25 billion payments). ACH payments are cost effective, can be used for automated payments and are completely electronic, making them a great option for businesses processing business-to-business or peer-to-peer payments. But how does a business accept ACH payments?

Accept ACH Payments

For most businesses, accepting ACH payments requires a little bit of help. ACH payments are transfers between bank accounts and an ACH file can only be entered into the Network by certain types of organizations, usually bank. However, a business or even an individual can start the process with an account with an ACH financial institution (which includes most banks and credit unions) and a third-party ACH partner—like Dwolla.

Accepting ACH Payments through the ACH Network graphicDwolla acts as an onramp to the ACH Network for businesses looking to accept ACH payments through their website or application. Dwolla provides an application programming interface (API) that allows two electronic entities to communicate with each other. In this case the two entities are the Dwolla customer’s application and Dwolla.

Dwolla helps many companies accept ACH payments. These companies benefit from the ACH Network in different ways.

Some appreciate the cost savings (“Now, I’m very much a fan because of our ease of implementation and how cost effective Dwolla is,” says Leo Ramirez, founder of Encast), others appreciate the time savings (healthcare staffing platform Nomad Health is able to process payments three days faster than traditional industry payout times) and some love the automation (“We needed an easy, simple, deployable payment solution to help us streamline these manual processes in order to grow our business,” says Derrick Hale, COO of EnergyFunders).

What all these innovative companies have in common is that they all trust Dwolla as their payment solution.

In Dwolla, companies gain a payments partner that is tested, fully built-out and provides support. If a third-party ACH partner is an onramp to the Network, then Dwolla is an onramp that comes with a valet and a car wash.

Rally Rd. logoSpeaking of cars, here’s Chris Bruno, CEO of Rally Rd, a classic automobile investment platform that needed to accept ACH payments: “And I think ACH in general makes sense so investment returns aren’t impacted by high transaction fees. And once you decide to go with ACH, Dwolla was really the only game in town.”

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