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Has the manual process of sending and collecting payments as a B2B SaaS company been haunting your dreams? Perhaps payments have been a thorn in your side—a thorn you’ve been tolerating as you continue to grow your business.

As businesses bring more processes online—from finding efficiencies in pitting bids from suppliers against each other and outsourcing in a way that allows them to move forward with growing their business more quickly—they expect their financing methods to keep up. This is where other payment providers have been falling behind, imposing restrictions that eat at the bottom line and impose restrictions on improving the payments process—forcing a compromise on brand and service.

The SaaS platforms that prove they’re on the leading edge of user experience and technological adoption will capture larger shares of the market. Don’t get left behind.

Upgrade Your SaaS Payment Integration

Imagine—your SaaS platform empowering the business customers you serve with the ability to send and receive payments within your own UX. As the platform, you have the ability to facilitate the transfer of funds automatically and programmatically, reducing the headaches that come with manual processes and human error. Customers can link their bank accounts to fund and receive transfers, but you’re not storing your customers’ sensitive financial data on your own servers. And of course, your business is not getting hit with massive per-transaction fees.

Forget Months, Get To Market In Weeks

One of the biggest obstacles facing a SaaS platform’s healthy growth trajectory is being hindered by the technology it implemented at launch. What may have been a good fit at the time of entrance into the market can no longer keep up with the increasing demand placed on your technology and services. However, there is a solution. With Dwolla’s payments API, your platform can successfully scale to accommodate increasing transaction and user volume.

By not charging a per-transaction fee or percentage, your SaaS platform will be able to facilitate transfers programmatically without losing a large portion of them to the payment provider.

Onboarding To A Third-Party Doesn’t Have To Suck

There is a very rational concern for the end-user experience when switching any type of provider—the last thing you want to do is disrupt or fracture your customer experience to onboard them to a third-party. However, Dwolla’s White Label API allows you to put these nagging worries to rest.

Our payments infrastructure can be baked into your native application, allowing for easy onboarding to the Dwolla platform. No need to send them to a third-party’s website or branded portal to have them jump through their registration hoops. Via our API, you’ll be able to create and manage customers, as well as link and verify their financial accounts.

More Than Just A Payments API, It’s An End-To-End Payments Infrastructure

When it comes to facilitating payments within your platform, you’ll need a solution that can do more than just move money from point A to point B. With Dwolla’s solution, platforms can:

If you have any services you’re currently using to verify bank accounts, you’ll be able to leverage our platform right alongside your existing solution.

If you dream of a future in which you automate your payments processes and enjoy an “all you can eat” transaction structure (no per transaction fees), then check out what Dwolla has to offer for the future of payments on your SaaS platform.

Reach out to talk to one of our integration specialists, and if it’s the right fit we’ll work with you to determine a monthly cost that’s right for your business.

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