By: Genny Couch,

This blog post comes from Genny, a member of our Business Development Team. Genny works with a wide variety of partners to understand their bank transfer needs and find a solution. She also loves bagels and corgis.

A day in the life of as Business Development Representative at Dwolla

As a Business Development Representative at Dwolla, every day is different. Here, my primary responsibility is to add to our existing base of Dwolla customers. Dwolla allows customerss to integrate the ability to send and receive ACH transactions within their platform or business. Dwolla is a white-labeled product by design, which means our customers get to customize the look, feel and experience for their customers. In turn, they pass all of the necessary information to Dwolla through the API.

Now that you have some background, you understand that every partnership can be unique, and thus every day for the Business Development Team is unique. Allow me to walk you through a typical day…

9 am: Arrive at the office. I say some hellos and make a strong cup of coffee. I like to check the news for any exciting updates in the payments space (one of our current customers, Popular Pays, just had some big news)! Now let’s grab some yogurt and get this day going.

9:15 am: Check my calendar to prepare for the day. My schedule is usually filled with calls with potential customers, internal meetings to discuss best practices for maintaining leadership in the payments space, and assisting our Account Management Team with any topics that need to be covered with existing customers.

Dwolla Culture Selling ACH API

10 am: Discovery call with a potential customer. A discovery call is the first time I will talk to a potential customer. The best part of my job is learning about and speaking to new businesses—the diversity in new technology is fascinating. On this call, I’ll aim to learn about the company’s goals, the specific needs and reasoning for bank transfers within its platform, and why the company is looking for a new ACH provider.

10:30 am: Debrief on my call with the team. We take a consultative approach to structuring solutions for our customers, so after most calls I may have an informal discussion with a few other members of the Business Development Team regarding the company with which I spoke. I’ll share the company’s needs, and as a team, we’ll bounce around ideas for how we can best structure our solution for that company. We’re confident we have the best product in the market, and it’s my job to ensure we’re building lasting partnerships.

12 pm: Internal meeting. Internally at Dwolla, we focus on building and maintaining strong cross-functional relationships. Meetings can (and often do) include three or more departments—think legal, engineering, marketing, and product. These meetings are always a high point of my day. We have a strong team, and we make the time to listen to each other’s ideas and feedback.

1 pm: Grab some lunch. Des Moines has some great lunch spots, and this is the only chance I have to make a shameless plug about my city. Pro tip: the La Mie Elevate in the skywalk is out of this world.

Dwolla Culture Selling ACH API

2 pm: Follow-up call with a potential customer. After I’ve sent a proposal to a potential customer, I like to hop on the phone with them. On this call, we’re able to walk through our solution in detail. It’s also a great time to answer any outstanding questions they may have about our solution.

3:30 pm: Meeting with legal. The final stage before making a partnership “official” is the execution of a contract with the potential customer. Our legal department works with us to make sure the contract accurately reflects the customer’s needs and Dwolla’s requirements.

4 pm: Debrief on the day. I’ll send any outstanding emails I owe to potential customers: questions about the API, questions about our pricing, requests for a follow-up call, etc. The Automated Clearing House (ACH for short) is a complicated system to understand, but the Business Development Team is trained to make it as approachable and integrated with modern technology as possible.

5 pm: Say my goodbyes to the team. Time to head home. See you tomorrow!

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