E-commerce marketplaces have boomed in recent years—forget eBay, now there is a marketplace for every niche interest you can think of. These tailored, more specialized marketplaces allow consumers and sellers alike to get more of what they want, easier.

Selling sneakers? There’s a specific marketplace. Creating art? There’s a specific marketplace. Need some music equipment? You guessed it, there’s also a specific marketplace for that.

Innovation can be found in even the smallest corners of the internet, and these niche marketplaces are shining examples of just that. From creative marketing ideas to tapping sophisticated APIs for marketplace payouts, they’re using innovative solutions to connect consumers and buyers in a way that’s beneficial to everyone.


First up is our customer GOAT, a marketplace exclusively targeting the high-end sneaker market. Discover new kicks, make money selling your own or buy sneakers you can’t get anywhere else, all on GOAT’s website or app. Sneakers are verified and GOAT pays out sellers quickly and safely using mass payments.

Read the case study about GOAT’s Dwolla payouts integration, or continue reading about other marketplaces.

3D Hubs

You’ve heard the 3D printer hype—easily print anything from makeup to toys—but buying a 3D printer comes with a large price tag. With 3D Hubs, get connected to over 29k 3D printing services so you can print exactly what’s needed. On its platform, you can also share reviews and check for the best service around.


American goods crafted by American hands, Aftcra is a marketplace for ONLY handmade products. Its creative goal is to break through the noise you find on sites. If you’re looking for unique pieces, this is definitely the place for everything one of a kind, nothing from a manufacturing line.


Designer handbags more your fix? Check out Tradesy. If you’re a fashionista looking to keep their closet fresh without going broke, Tradesy is the ideal marketplace. Buy quality, repurposed high-end designer clothing and accessories from other women also looking to buy and sell. When you make a sale, Tradesy sends you a package for shipping, and you get paid out. Tradesy takes a 9% fee off the top and everyone wins.


CafePress is home to over 2 million shops where you can browse millions of products and designs, printable on hundreds of goods. Looking to rep a cause? CafePress is perfect—get drinkware, tee shirts, or bumper stickers for promotion. You don’t have to be a world-class artist to sell on CafePress, just use its design tools to create the perfect image, and earn a royalty for each product with that design. CafePress is an easy way to get your own design on a product.


Music equipment is pricey, a single amp can cost $600. With Sparkplug, rent instrumental equipment so you can either get access to new tools without the investment or make money off your investment renting out equipment you own. Sparkplug is pretty straightforward, find someone in the marketplace with equipment you need, submit a rental request, pick it up and then drop it off. It’s just like loaning your friend a shirt. Sparkplug handles the payment, so you don’t have to worry about exchanging cash—just worry about your gear.


Get personal with Zazzle, a marketplace for creating custom (almost) anything. This marketplace connects makers when you’re looking for the perfect customized gift. We’re all familiar with custom embroidery or an engraving, but Zazzle brings together customized products from across the internet so buyers can get what they really have in mind.


Find creative and inspiring art, home decor, and tees with the Redbubble marketplace. Get a sense of the spirit of Redbubble, to quote its about page, “If you’re looking for unique and impossibly brilliant t-shirts…we’re here to present an alternative to the mass producing hordes rudely hawking your individuality back to you on the main street.” That sums it up well. For the artists selling on Redbubble, it’s free to use and get featured on—can’t beat that.


Bandcamp is a platform that allows fans and musicians to connect directly, so fans get more of the music they love while directly supporting the artists they love. When you pay artists on Bandcamp, they’re paid quickly and simply, so the focus remains on making more music. Currently, fans have paid artists approximately $149 million using Bandcamp, which is no small feat considering many people consider Spotify or Pandora their go-to.

The boom in e-commerce marketplaces gives consumers more options and ease in purchasing and selling exactly what they need, and there’s no shortage of innovation.


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