If you’re considering a new ACH payments integration, we’re here to help. We’ve pulled together a list of commonly asked questions so you can better understand how Dwolla will fit into your platform.

If you’re not sure if working with payments provider is the right answer for you yet, read our guide, Comparing a Payments Provider vs. Handling Payments In-House. You will learn the benefits of integrating with a financial institution directly and the benefits of working with a payments provider like Dwolla.

If you’re building a platform for investing or an app that needs bank transfers—we’ve got you covered. Below are some questions to guide you.

1. Do my users need to create a Dwolla account on top of the account they create on my platform?

We offer varying levels of integration, each with different features.
If you’re interested in a White Label payment solution, then users do not login to a Dwolla branded gateway to create an account; they simply create a Dwolla account on your platform, accept Dwolla’s TOS and privacy policy and link their bank account therein.

IAV flow image

If you’re interested in a lighter weight integration, then users are directed to establish a Dwolla account to make payments. Our OAuth account creation flow does a great job of getting users on-boarded quickly.

2. Can I facilitate transactions between two parties without touching the funds?

Yes, you can. With the Dwolla API you can build an application that allows you to simply facilitate transactions. This means the funds never have to touch your Dwolla balance or bank account as the owner of the application. You’re simply providing the means for the money to be transferred.

3. What are your business day cut-off time for transactions?

4pm CST; we’ve provided clearing times that are very competitive with industry standards.

4. Do you have a testing environment? If so, how do I get set up and how does it work?

We do have a sandbox environment. It’s free to access and many customers like to play around in it while researching their solution. In the sandbox environment, you can do all the same things you would in production however, all data is fake and no actual money is touched or moved.

5. What level of support do you offer for integrations?

Our team wants nothing more than to see the Dwolla bank transfer API put to use in diverse, innovative ways. We’re always here to help, and recommend starting at the discussion board with a problem. If you want priority, direct access to developers and support, we hook you up with a dedicated account manager.

6. What are your integration or set-up fees?

Many SaaS-based pricing models include expensive upfront set-up or integration fees. At Dwolla, we’re just concerned with helping you get your application to market quickly. As mentioned above, we even have a pretty slick sandbox environment for you to start building prior to entering into a contract. Once you’re ready to launch in production, a flat monthly fee will begin.

For more insight on integrating a bank transfer solution, take a look at what customers are saying.

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