By: Mariah Young,

The best way to understand and appreciate the value of one platform over another is to talk to the people who have gone through the search process and are now working with the technology themselves. Enter, 4 qualities of the Dwolla API, demonstrated by partner use-cases.

Our partners chose to integrate our ACH payments API for a good reason, after due-diligence and searching. Here are the hallmarks of the platform, as demonstrated by real life use cases:

1. Dwolla has a future-proof technology stack.

We are an API-first company. Without a top-notch Dwolla API, we wouldn’t be able to deliver the value our customers have come to expect. Popular Pays recognized our passion for delivering a quality API, a factor that tipped the scale in our favor when they were choosing which provider should help them deliver payouts to their “creators” on their Instagram advertising platform.

dwolla-partner-popular-pays-logoPopular Pays was looking for a payment integration that consistently focused on updating its technology stack. Specifically, Popular Pays was drawn to our RESTful API, allowing for it to scale quickly without disrupting the customer experience.

Dwolla’s narrow RESTful API offered the ability to programmatically and securely connect Popular Pays’  creators’ bank accounts to Popular Pay’s application for payouts. Better yet, with only one developer it was able to integrate Dwolla’s API in only two weeks, while getting the future-proof tech it craved.

2. If you’re looking to automate manual or outdated processes, tap into Dwolla’s API endpoints.

As a business grows, the last thing you want is to continue managing manual processes. It can be inefficient, expensive, and just plain annoying. With Dwolla’s White Label ACH API, webhooks allow you to automate notifications regarding payment and account status changes.

Consider RentMonrentmonitor-logo-1itor, a leading rental management platform. It needed a flexible and robust solution that would allow for customization, while also automating payment flows. More automation meant more time to care for its customers’ other needs.

Dwolla’s White Label bank transfer API stood out, as RentMonitor could leverage the webhooks to send customized, real-time account and transfer status notifications to both the tenants and landlords on its platform.

In time, with this improved automation, RentMonitor decreased time spent on manually processing reversals by 90%.

3. With Dwolla, you get your own private Slack channel for support.

Payments are no simple task to manage, but we have a whole team here dedicated to keeping our customers on the right track. From account managers to an integration specialist, we’ll help you understand compliance requirements and ensure you’re on the right “payments track” via your own, private Slack channel.

Peter Shankar, CTO of EQUITYMULTIPLE, explains:equitymultiple logo

“We chose Dwolla because of their strength in compliance, capabilities in the white-label payments space, and attention to detail in the scoping process. From implementation to deployment and ongoing support they’ve been one of the best vendors to work with, and they really align to our processes, and make themselves highly available. The tech stack is evolving, and we’re able to work hand in hand with great engineers to get the most out of our integration. Our mission is to provide a streamlined, closed-loop investing process for our customers, and Dwolla is integral to accomplishing this.

We believe our experts are our best, most unique resources and they’re here to help answer your ACH integration questions along the way.

4. Dwolla’s API is prime for payouts (especially marketplace payouts).

dwolla-partner-GOAT-marketplaceAttention marketplaces, if your ears perked up when we mentioned automation, let’s talk for a second about payouts. Our API, time and again, has stood out to partners as the ideal solution for their growing marketplace payouts.

For example, GOAT, an online marketplace for high-end and luxury sneakers, found itself growing rapidly. Users on its platform wanted speedy payouts, but GOAT’s payout experience was challenging, causing funds transfer times to take up to 7 days to reach a seller’s bank account.

After researching, GOAT landed on Dwolla’s White Label API. Now it’s delivering speedier payouts to its base of users.

Searching for the proper partner in payments can be tricky, when you’re balancing cost against service in addition to capabilities of customization. If you have any questions about integrating with Dwolla, please reach out or dig into more case studies.

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