Our marketing team asked me to write my annual year-end review blog and the conversation went kinda like this:

As a whole, 2020 was a year of radical worldwide change, determination and adaptation. The world seemed to be accelerating at an unstoppable pace, but rather than attempting to keep up, we took time at Dwolla to slow down. As the year progressed, it became necessary to reflect on what was important–in particular, our core values as a company. Over the course of a few weeks and with the help of the entire organization, a new Vision statement was crafted:

A world that can move money simply and securely.

…and a new mission statement was born:

Empower innovators to change the world through a modern payments platform that is flexible, reliable and easy to use.

The amount of collective thought put into these statements cannot be explained within a few sentences.The resulting outcome was building and launching the best products we could. As we reflect on 2020, it’s clear we used our Vision, Mission and Values as guide rails for what we released and what we have planned.

“Empowering Our Innovators”

Unlocking access to the U.S. banking system to allow our clients to move funds.

Pay-As-You-Go Pricing Tier Launches

In order to link our words to action, we knew that the Dwolla ecosystem needed to be opened up to the world. Going into 2020, we were focused on our subscription service model. By creating a new inclusive pricing tier where you pay for what you use, even more applications are connecting to the U.S. banking system using the Dwolla Platform.

This release and our experience working with this new customer base informed our development of low-code solutions.

Drop-in Components

Welcome to the world of low-code!

Allowing users to gain access to our platform is one thing, allowing them to gain real value from it is entirely different. As more clients were onboarded, we realized that one of the barriers to them realizing value was the technical implementation. While Dwolla had experienced success with SMBs that had teams of developers and a desire to build a custom payments experience, we quickly noticed that there were increasingly more clients onboarding that had limited engineering resources where they would see value in redirecting those engineering resources to building their core product.

With this in mind, the Dwolla team set out with one goal: enable clients to integrate Dwolla functionality into an application in mere minutes rather than days or even weeks. Utilizing the Dwolla Drop-in Components, clients can abstract away key back end and front end functionality to reduce developer overhead and simplify the integration of a given endpoint from a time-consuming process to a task that can be completed in an afternoon. Enabling developers to integrate the API quickly and get back to building value within their own applications means a larger runway to build value.

View Dwolla’s Drop-in Components on our GitHub page here.

“Building a Modern Payments Platform”

As 2020 continued its charge ahead, we made more moves to keep Dwolla updated for the new decade.

Instant Payouts with Push-to-Debit

One of our most exciting releases we brought to market this year was our push-to-debit functionality. Our clients have been asking for faster payments.

So we started offering instant payouts.

Over the calendar year, we abstracted the card gateways so your business doesn’t have to. There’s no additional third party integration, no additional relationship to manage and no need to store sensitive card data.

Our tokenized push-to-debit solution allows our clients to add debit cards as a payment destination without the need for them to store sensitive details such as a card number. Enabling push-to-debit functionality is as simple as embedding a JavaScript iframe within your application. From there, your end users can bring their own debit card and start receiving funds.


2020 was the year where the Dwolla Dashboard became a more powerful tool. We created a new page we call the Launchpad which has helped guide new users through the onboarding process.

Sub Users

We know our clients have multiple team members that interact with the Dwolla Dashboard. To help these organizations utilize and assign roles, we expanded the functionality of our sub-users permissions.

Finally, we enabled our clients to Suspend in Dashboard, giving them the power to stop a suspected bad actor without having to request that action from a Dwolla team member.

Multi-factor Authentication

With great sub-user power comes great sub-user responsibility. With a powerful tool at one’s disposal, one must also shield said tools from fraudulent activity. We delivered a meaningful way to harden the Dwolla Dashboard from bad actors by requiring MFA verification for all Dwolla Dashboard users.

Read the Blog →

Updated Developer Portal

Building a robust API is not an easy task. Getting a community of developers to self-serve and achieve value with it is an equally difficult endeavor. This year brought a full refresh to Dwolla’s Developer Portal. We kept the same developer-friendly content but improved the organization to fit the needs of all personas – developers, product managers, CEOs, accountants and more.

Concepts get you high level information to help identify your specific needs while the Guides get you building. Check it out here!

Robust Partner Portal

While using the Dwolla API to build payment functionality into your application is one way to integrate, 2020 brought a new way to develop with Dwolla. The Dwolla Partner Portal allows a user to easily create a business integration between their project, Dwolla and Dwolla’s clients.

Leverage your solution with Dwolla to become a force multiplier with our clients.
With such integrations such as the Quickbooks and Slack being used by many Dwolla clients , we are allowing developers to build value on top of the Dwolla Platform.

Get started with building your integration through the Partner Portal.

Another Trip Around the Sun

Our mission and values don’t stop just because the year ended. While this isn’t an exhaustive list of the things we built, it’s always good to reflect on some of the essential accomplishments that we’ve made within the last twelve months.

As we look to the future, we are optimistic that the next twelve months will bring more innovation.

As 2020 comes to a close, we continue to be inspired by our clients building their game-changing applications and transforming their businesses. We plan on changing the game as well in 2021, with even faster payment options and a continued approach to simplifying the integration of a programmable payment platform.

We believe in the value of continuing to build a platform that can help our customers scale. As 2021 approaches, we plan to continue building the ideal modern payments platform and empowering innovators to change the world.


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