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Curious what the most popular posts have been for a company selling an API that connects you to the ACH network? Take a look back at 2016 and the most read blog posts from our team on the Dwolla blog. From Same Day ACH to better payments for marketplace platforms, the most read posts of 2016 cover a range of topics and ideas.

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What is Same Day ACH?

In September, NACHA, the managers of the ACH network, released a new rule allowing for payments to be processed within 1 business day (rather than the next day or day after). In this blog post we dive into the nitty-gritty details of Same Day ACH, infographic included. Popular for its detailed outline into how Same Day will enter the marketplace

When to Consider a SaaS-Based Payment Solution: A Look at Dwolla’s White Label ACH API

Take a look back at the origination of our staple White Label product, from the roots to today. In this post learn what and why to consider a third-party Saas-based payments integration, rather than building everything from the scratch on your own. Popular for its candid look at the product and practical perspective.

Getting Started with a Bank Transfers Integration

Get step-by-step instructions to getting up and running with a bank transfer integration. Start by reaching out, we’ll put you in touch with a sales engineer and then get you on track with the API. Popular because we know that a payments API isn’t always straightforward; this post breaks down the process for getting started, complete with examples.

Payment Platforms and What it Means to be an ACH Originator

One of our most powerful blog posts, learn what it really means to be an ACH originator, a role often overlooked when initially dealing with an ACH integration. We explore the ins and outs of origination and the services Dwolla provides to make it easier for businesses to leverage ACH. Popular because it takes a candid look at the responsibilities of ACH origination, and why it’s not always as easy as it seems.

Moving from San Francisco to Des Moines to Sell an ACH API

Slightly more light-hearted and fun, this blog post comes from a member of our sales team who moved from San Francisco to Des Moines, IA to sell an ACH API. She explains her thought process, journey and ultimately why she chose to bank her future on Dwolla. Popular for its honest, personal look at the company.

Improve Cashflow with These 10 B2B Lending Platforms

Our team has worked with many a business, helping them integrate an ACH API. In doing so, we’ve learned a thing or two, including the value in B2B lending platforms in contrast to traditional bank lending. In this post, we outline why and where to look for different options for improving cash flow within your business. Popular because it provides a comprehensive list of alternative lending options and descriptions.

Where Finance, Artificial Intelligence, and Open APIs Meet

We’ve long been proud of our open API and shared best practices for developers, which is why we were particularly excited by this blog post. Learn how our customer, Abe, uses an open API to build a great chat bot for finances. Popular for its unique, innovative look at fintech and personal finances.

Building a Marketplace, How to Manage Payments

Getting customers up and running with better payments is a primary goal, so when we find a good niche for our API, we aren’t shy about sharing what we’ve learned. For example, Dwolla’s ACH API is great for marketplace payouts. Learn the difference of pay-ins and payouts for marketplaces, and how you should approach each process. Popular for its thorough explanation of a niché payments need, with solutions given for potential problems.

Same Day ACH Benefits for Businesses and Platforms

When we realized Same Day ACH could be so valuable to businesses on our platform, we decided to not only explain what this new rule would entail, but we also explore the benefits businesses could potentially enjoy. Popular because it breaks down the values of a new service so you don’t have to spend the time digging around on your own.

For Beginners: How do ACH Payments Work?

The most basic of questions get answered in this post. From what ‘ACH’ stands for, to how your business should leverage the ACH network, get the nitty gritty on bank transfers. Popular for its introductory approach to a notoriously complicated system, a great post for reading if you’re just starting to consider an ACH integration.

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