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Every day on Twitter, Slack, GitHub, or one of the many modern forms of communication, our developers and product designers are approached with interesting and insightful questions. This past year, they’ve turned those insights into blog posts and shared them publicly, breaking down complex ideas into articles that everyone can learn from.  

However, content is fleeting. A massive amount of information is published daily. Reflecting on the value of these technical posts we’ve published, we thought rather than let those insights fade into the vastness of the internet, we’ve pulled together the 10 most popular posts from our developers and product designers. Enjoy.

1. Developing for simplicity when cleverness is the enemy

As our team of developers prepared to launch a new product, they needed to take a step back and consider the value they were looking to add. This post explores that process.

2. APIs and the power of collaboration for innovation

A look at how the relationship and power of APIs has changed over the years, and how the right collaboration could fundamentally change an industry.

3. How we did it, inside the developer portal redesign

In one of the most interesting redesigns in Dwolla’s history, our Vice President of Product explains how we pragmatically approached our developer portal update to satisfy even the pickiest of developers.

4. Fake it as you make it: why fake services are awesome for developers

This post explains why using fake services to test products can be more beneficial and effective than the alternatives, including a real step-by-step example.

5. Building with Microservices and Docker

Two members of our engineering team dive into how we used dockerization and microservices hand-in-hand to build a more scalable system.

6. What I’ve learned in designing for developers

Our brilliant Head of UX explains how she discovered the different Dwolla developer personas to design the best possible developer portal based on direct insights.  

7. Arbalest: Open source data ingestion at scale

Through the lens of open source software, get a pros perspective on the value and process of implementing a scalable data solution—great post for fans of Amazon AWS and Tableau.

8. Ask hard questions, build a better product

A rare chance to get inside the mind of a VP of Product at a fintech company, this blog post discusses how our team approached rethinking the product from the lens of leadership.

9. Cutting the busywork for developers with better design

Our developer portal upgrade was a major initiative (which we talk about in a post mentioned above). In this post, get insight into the specifics of what developers love and hate about interacting with APIs, and how we optimized for this.

10. Building a data platform, embracing events as the atomic building blocks of data

From the mind of one of our most innovative data engineers, this blog post looks at how we structured our data platform to break information down to its simplest most useful form.

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