Tophatter Marketplace Pays Out Using the ACH Network
Sellers on the Tophatter marketplace can be paid using ACH payments.
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Automating Property Management
Property management more efficient using Dwolla’s ACH API for electronic bank transfers
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CargoSprint Automates its Payments Processes Using Dwolla
CargoSprint decreased its manual workload by 98% by automating ACH transactions.
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Instagram Ad Platform Popular Pays Saves Time With Dwolla
Popular Pays is an Instagram ad platform that uses Dwolla to streamline its operations, cutting manual payout tasks by 50%.
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Relay Restaurant Delivery Platform Integrates API for Payouts
Relay Delivery, a restaurant delivery platform, pays its couriers using Dwolla, reducing its manual payout processing tasks by 100%, saving $1,200 a month.
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GOAT Marketplace Payouts with ACH API
With Dwolla's help, GOAT decreased its support-related tickets by 80%.
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