Sending Emergency Aid For College Students in Need
Needing an ACH payment service, Edquity and Dwolla partnered to distribute emergency aid via the ACH Network.
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Pay-As-You-Go: Claim Reimbursements in 1 Click
Scrambling to find a payments partner that could be integrated quickly, Wagmo chose Dwolla’s Pay-As-You-Go plan.
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Pay-As-You-Go: Meeting Demand With Efficient Payments
Using the Pay-As-You-Go pricing model, this marketplace automated the payout experience for its sellers—giving the COO two days back each week.
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Pet Insurance Company Embraces ACH Payments for Efficient Claim Reimbursement
Reimbursement efficiencies improved by over 800% when this pet insurance company started using Dwolla to program their payments.
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Manufacturing Labor Marketplace Veryable Offers Daily Payments to Workers
This marketplace is sending payouts to its workers using Dwolla’s ACH API.
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Smart ACH Payments, Smarter Property Management with Homebase
Property managers save nearly $2 per transaction with Dwolla’s ACH API.
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Give Healthcare Payments A Shot In The Arm
With $0.25 of every $1 in healthcare payments going to administrative costs, Asserta Health partnered with Dwolla to disrupt healthcare payments.
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CargoSprint Automates its Payments Processes Using Dwolla
CargoSprint decreased its manual workload by 98% by automating ACH transactions.
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EnergyFunders Simplifies its Payments with Automation
EnergyFunders automated its manual payment processes with Dwolla at a cost savings of 20%.
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