PODCAST — 30 min listen

Code Story: Golf Course Software Offering ACH Payments

foreUp is a software that’s streamlining golf course schedule and management. foreUp CTO Brendon Beebe joins the Code Story podcast to discuss the development of the product.
PODCAST — 37 min listen

Code Story: Powering Digital Trust & Safety

Sift offers fraud prevention tools to businesses and its CEO Jason Tan joins the Code Story Podcast to discuss playing defense against potential fraudsters.
dennis cail zirtue
PODCAST — 27 min listen

Code Story: Lending Between Friends & Family

This Code Story episode features Dennis Cail, CEO & Co-Founder of Zirtue, a mobile lending app for borrowing money between friends and family.
PODCAST — 27 min listen

Code Story: Enabling Smarter Living

This episode of the Code Story podcast is a conversation with Blake Miller, Founder of Homebase, a property management platform enabling the “future of living.”
energyfunders podcast
PODCAST — 32 min listen

Code Story: Bringing Automation to Oil & Gas

Aalok Shah, Chief Technology Officer for EnergyFunders, describes the intricacies of merging technology and automation to support innovation in a traditionally manual industry. 
routable code story podcast featured image
PODCAST — 37 min listen

Code Story: Routable Infiltrates Finance Departments

Omri Mor is the CEO and Co-Founder of Routable, an invoicing platform streamlining business-to-business payments for customers like Slack and Ticketmaster.
PODCAST — 29 min listen

Code Story: Simplifying Money Movement

Ben Milne, CEO and Co-Founder of Dwolla, discusses building a company and how Dwolla is solving a complex and fundamental business problem.
PODCAST — 38 min listen

Code Story: Creating Generational Wealth Opportunities

Hear lessons learned as a first-time entrepreneur, directly from a startup co-founder.

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