RTP, ACH, P2D, Wire

Real-Time Payments and More Account to Account Payment Types

Explaining the differences between a Real-Time Payment, ACH Payment, Push-to-Debit Payment and Wire transfer using Dwolla’s payment technology.
PLAYBOOK — 12 min read

Building an Online Marketplace with Automated Payments

Building an online marketplace requires having an online payment solution that can efficiently move money to and from bank accounts. Learn how top marketplaces do it.
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EBOOK — 6 min read

Influencing Faster Payments & Regulations with the Federal Register

Payments professionals understand the importance of faster payments. As consumer expectations grow, we as an industry can influence the process to make payments more beneficial with this guide.
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EBOOK — 24 min read

ACH 101: Connecting your Business to the ACH Network

Learn the basics of the ACH Network and how ACH benefits businesses of all sizes.

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