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The Payments on Fire podcast series, hosted by the payment consulting firm Glenbrook Partners, reviews, dissects and discusses the payments industry with leaders of payment organizations. 

Episode 153 features Dwolla CEO Brady Harris and Dwolla VP of Corporate Strategy Adam Steenhard. Brady and Adam are joined by Glenbrook’s George Peabody and Elizabeth McQueery to discuss the growth of B2B payments and enterprise interest in faster payments. 

The episode focuses on how Dwolla’s payment API embeds payments directly into a business’ software and their business processes. Brady and Adam explain how the Dwolla team built real-time payments capabilities into the Dwolla Platform and how businesses can enable RTP by changing a single line of code within the Dwolla API. They also discuss partnering with other fintech providers to offer broad capabilities that would otherwise take years to build. 



A Programmable Payments Platform
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Brady Harris
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Adam Steenhard
Vice President of Corporate Strategy

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