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We estimate how much time each step will take to complete a Dwolla integration.

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Register Your Business

Estimated Completion: 1-2 days

When you sign up for a Dwolla Client Account, we’ll collect information about you and your business to verify the account. You’ll need the basic information about your business and personal information about at least one person in high level management (think: C-suite) and anyone who owns more than 25 percent of your business. If you have it, we’ll also accept your payment information at that point.

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Design and Submit Your App

Estimated Completion: 5-20 days

Here’s where your team will spend time designing your app, setting up email notifications for end users and any basic branding preferences.

As you’re working on your app, monitor your completion percentage using the dashboard. This will show all the fields that have been completed and are still left to do for approval.

The basic areas we’ll ask about are:

    • User Experience: We’ll ask to see where the users accept your terms of service and ours, how you display transaction and basic account information to users, and how you notify users of activity in their account.
    • Information Security Questionnaire: In alignment with industry security expectations, our information security team will take a look at your standard security protocols to make sure you’re prepared for the addition of payments to your users’ accounts.
    • Returns & ACH Risk: Our Risk and Compliance team needs to confirm how you plan to protect against risk and returned transactions.

Common Reasons For App Rejections

Risk Review

Estimated Completion: 3-5 days

Because you already provided information about your business during the sign-up process, the Dwolla team has already started to determine your eligibility for certain services. Additional questions that come up are likely to be related to financial risk, industry or any higher risk activities like faster payments or increased transaction limits.

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Finalize Your Contract

Estimated Completion: 1-2 days

After all approvals are finalized, you’ll receive an order form. If everything is accurate, send it back to Dwolla with a signature!

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Going Live

Estimated Completion: 1-2 days

Once you’ve completed all of the above, make sure you’ve added payment information to your Dwolla account. If we have all of that, you’ll be ready to go live! Your Integration Consultant will provide you with your Production API keys to help you launch.


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