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Peek into the startup world with Code Story, a podcast featuring in-depth interviews with founders, CTOs and decision makers in the tech industry as they discuss the products they’ve created and the roads they’ve traveled.

This episode of the Code Story podcast is a conversation with Jason Tan, the CEO of Sift, a fraud detection company helping businesses protect themselves against online fraud. Tan explains starting the company at the Y Combinator and helping companies “play defense” against fraudsters who are constantly on the offensive.

The Code Story Podcast is hosted by Noah Labhart, CEO & Founder of Touchtap and CTO & Co-Founder of Veryable.

Pairing Machine Learning With Programmable Payments

Dwolla customers can choose to implement Sift’s machine learning model for real-time ACH fraud monitoring. As a Dwolla Integration partner, our customers can access the Digital Trust & Safety Suite from Sift to proactively block fraudsters and reduce manual reviews for risk and compliance teams. Sift is helping more than 34,000 sites and applications navigate the balance between growing revenue and protecting their business, making it easy for companies to remove friction for their customers—while adding roadblocks for bad actors.

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Code Story Podcast
Code Story Podcast

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