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This episode of the Code Story podcast is a conversation with Bill Eager, Vice President of Engineering for Nomad Health, a staffing platform matching doctors and nurses with medical facilities and their job openings. With more than 4,000 healthcare facilities posting jobs on Nomad Health, Eager discusses the challenges and successes of managing a growing platform in a highly regulated space.

The Code Story podcast is hosted by Noah Labhart, CEO & Founder of Touchtap and CTO & Co-Founder of Veryable

Same-Day Payouts from Nomad Health

As a way to stand out in a crowded field of recruitment brokers, Nomad Health offers to pay clinicians faster and at a lower cost for medical facilities. To do that, the company needed a payments partner that could actually pair a seamless onboarding process with the ability to schedule payments and send funds directly to multiple bank accounts. 

With a single developer, Nomad Health integrated Dwolla’s ACH API in fewer than two weeks and specifically enabled Dwolla’s Same Day ACH functionality in less than four hours.

This case study explains their search for the ideal API and their integration with Dwolla.

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Code Story Podcast