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Peek into the startup world with Code Story, a podcast featuring in-depth interviews with founders, CTOs and decision makers in the tech industry as they discuss the products they’ve created and the roads they traveled. 

This episode of the Code Story podcast is a conversation with Bernard Worthy, CEO & Co-Founder of LoanWell, a tool for community lenders to stay competitive in offering loans to small businesses. Worthy discusses disrupting a traditional industry and lessons he’s learned as a first-time entrepreneur. 

The Code Story Podcast is hosted by Noah Labhart, CEO & Founder of Touchtap and CTO & Co-Founder of Veryable

Using ACH Bank Transfers for Loan Repayments 

Competing with faster services requires businesses to add tools that can close the gap. 

As more professionals look to become their own bosses—and with retail banks underwriting small business loans in less than 10 minutes—LoanWell has merged new technology with a manual industry to automate the process of application intake, closing, signing, disbursement and repayment for community lenders. 

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Code Story Podcast
Code Story Podcast