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Scaling a business requires having scalable payment processes. Dwolla’s programmable payments platform has been engineered to support an electronic disbursement option from the dashboard or a total integration into an application for users to attach a bank account and move money.

This helpful list will prepare your business for an API integration and Dwolla’s Application Approval Process.

We want to make sure we can work together. Dwolla is unable to support businesses in the following industries:

  • Adult Entertainment (including prostitution and escort services)
  • Controlled Substances
  • Debt Collection, Debt Relief or Debt Counseling
  • Gun Services
  • Multi-Level Marketing
  • Pawn Shops
  • Products or Services Promoting Hate, Violence, Harassment or Abuse
  • Payment Platforms with an Intent to Resell (talk to us about a partnership!)

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Choose the pricing plan that works best for your business.

  • Pay-As-You-Go – Create an account to get a jump start on providing the business information we’re required to verify. Pay per transaction and for each user created.
  • Launch – Choose the features you need on a monthly commitment and pay per transaction.
  • Scale – Bundle transactions and user costs to receive volume discounts for a predictable monthly price.
  • Custom – Tailor a package that solves your specific pain points.

Before processing payments, Dwolla will need to review your integration to ensure that our requirements are met. We recommend starting the integration process three to four weeks before your intended launch date to plan for feedback from our review team.

Here’s what to expect during Dwolla’s Application Approval Process:

Configure Email Notifications

Dwolla has pre-built notifications—simply upload your information and choose which events should trigger a notification to your users. (If you are only sending payouts, you’re not required to use these).

Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

We require that you communicate Dwolla’s role in the payment process within your application’s Terms of Service using specific language we will provide. Additionally, we require you to post and comply with your own privacy policy.

Information Security Review

To align our security expectations, we perform onboarding assessments on basic components of the security practices that are incorporated into applications integrating with our platform.

Risk & Returns Processes

In the case there is loss on your platform, we’ll need to understand your internal processes as well as a person to contact.

User Experience Validation

We’ll ask you to upload screenshots of your application to ensure you’re displaying required information and collecting authorization from your end users.

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