Scale Pricing

This subscription-based pricing model keeps costs predictable as transaction volumes increase. Program your payments for faster transfer speeds and custom transaction limits while receiving dedicated support from a team of experts.

Injecting Predictability Into Your Business

Faster Transfers

Increase the speed of ACH transactions with Next Day ACH and Same Day ACH transfer timing to make funds available faster.

Expanded Functionality

Set your own transaction limits, customize your status updates and simplify the onboarding process for banks, credit unions and new users.

Dedicated Support

Our support team is there for you—before, during and after you begin transacting to ensure a successful partnership.

Configuring a Delightful Payment Experience

Whether it’s for sending funds, collecting a payment or facilitating transfers between two users, Dwolla’s payment API can be configured to replace costly, inefficient processes and enable programmable payments. Dwolla’s Scale pricing plan offers advanced features and higher transaction limits to seamlessly connect and transfer funds between bank accounts at any U.S. financial institution.

API Basics

Supporting a Digital Transformation

When it comes to your business, we know time is money. We take customer support seriously at Dwolla—with CSAT scores averaging 97% to prove it.

We provide dedicated support to the businesses on Dwolla’s Scale pricing plan. An Integration Manager will assist in navigating industry requirements during the integration and once in production, we assign each business a dedicated Account Manager to have one main point of contact. Scale clients also have access to Dwolla’s team of Developer Advocates to help with any technical inquiries during and after integrating.

Having a direct line of communication enables us to provide responses in real-time and be part of a timely solution.

“One of the things Dwolla has done best is the real time support, that’s incredibly helpful. Dwolla shortcutted the support cycle down from hours and days with email exchanges to real time. When you’re moving other folks’ money around, that real-time support is invaluable.”
Chief Technology Officer
“Dwolla’s flat monthly pricing is something that allows us to still make money and add significant value to our application in other areas.”
CEO & Co-Founder
“Dwolla really is best in class. Dwolla has this wonderful API and a great platform, but Dwolla is human. That’s different and it really matters.”
CEO & Co-Founder

Avoiding Costly Fees

Businesses are keeping more of each payment when that payment is an ACH transaction.

Interchange and processing fees come when using a credit or debit card to initiate a payment. In 2018, the average interchange fee was between $0.24 and $0.54 per-transaction—according to the Federal Reserve. With almost 300 different interchange fees, these are paid to the card-issuing bank for handling costs, fraud and the risk of approving each payment.

In addition to paying an interchange fee, the average credit card processing fee ranges from 1.5% to 2.9% per-transaction.

Dwolla’s Scale pricing plan avoids these types of fees. By bundling ACH transactions and offering a volume discount, Scale clients pay a predictable monthly price with no hidden fees.

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