Pay-As-You-Go Pricing

This pricing plan from Dwolla comes with the core building blocks needed for a business to integrate programmable payments into a software application. Access a configurable ACH API and start facilitating payments electronically through the ACH Network without an annual commitment or sign up costs.

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Dwolla has lowered the barrier to entry for accessing programmable payments. Dwolla’s pay-as-you-go pricing plan provides a solution for adding payment functionality to start transacting quickly. With no setup fees or monthly minimums, start using electronic ACH transfers to lower the costs of payments for your business.

Use the dashboard: Without having to integrate the Dwolla API or write a check, an administrator can easily transfer money to Receive-Only customers with standard ACH transfer timing. By entering the correct bank account and routing information, an ACH transaction can be initiated. Future payments to the same user can be fluidly sent on a recurring basis.

Integrating a Programmable Payments Platform

Additional functionality can be accessed by completing an API integration with Dwolla—while still paying per-transaction.

Integrating Dwolla’s configurable ACH API allows for creating any type of customer to programmatically send funds, collect funds or facilitate transactions between users. With Dwolla’s pay-as-you-go pricing plan, businesses can charge a facilitator fee and offer multiple bank account verification methods.

An API integration is customizable to match the branding within your application.

How to Integrate Programmable Payments

Forum support is available with guides, documentation and FAQs to assist with configuring an ACH API.

Developer Documentation

The roadmap to navigating an ACH payment integration.

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Tools & SDKs

Simplify the process of integrating an ACH API with Ruby, Node.js, Python, C# and Kotlin SDKs that are maintained by Dwolla’s developers.

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Developer Forum

Questions about integrating an ACH API? Our developer forum has the answer—or will get you one.

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“We didn’t want to take a year or six months with six full-time developers or even have one developer siloed off for an integration. Dwolla impressed us with their tech stack and that allowed us to get up and running as quickly as possible. Other ACH providers required a more intense and time-consuming integration.”
Director of Product and Management
"When integrating with Dwolla, everything was documented and understood really well, which allowed us to move more quickly through that process."
Chief Technology Officer
“I’ve been in banking for nearly a decade and a big problem traditionally is dealing with your payment provider. Freeing up my time by leveraging the Dwolla solution has been tremendously helpful in getting work done and getting it done quickly.”
Finance and Accounting Manager

FAQs About Dwolla’s Pay-As-You-Go Pricing Plan

Dwolla’s pay-as-you-go pricing plan means businesses pay for each ACH transfer that is initiated through the Dwolla platform. There is no annual commitment or fee to sign up—just pay for what you use.

When your business initiates a payment with a source and a destination, that’s reflected as one transaction—this can include loading and withdrawing funds from your balance or moving funds from one bank account to another. For additional clarification, please visit Dwolla’s Developer Forum at

You can integrate with Dwolla’s API and continue to pay per-transaction pricing! If you require additional functionality (like higher transaction limits or faster payments) our Scale tier with subscription-based pricing will better suit your needs.

The pay-as-you-go pricing plan charges 0.5% per transaction (min. $0.05, max. $5). There is a one-time charge of $1 or $2 for each user onboarded to the application—depending on the functionality that user requires. And a $5 fee will be charged for every ACH transfer returned on your application. See the pricing page for a further breakdown of these details.

By utilizing your dashboard, you may create and transfer money to users without an API integration. To initiate other types of payments (collecting payments or facilitating payments between your users), an API integration is required.

Businesses and software applications that are just getting started with ACH transfers or ramping up their number of monthly transactions.

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Standard functionality and transfer speeds with access to our developer forum to help with technical questions during the integration.


Predictable pricing with access to expanded features, faster transfer options and dedicated support.


Custom feature development and transaction volumes with prioritized support.

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