Dwolla at the Point of Sale.

Accept the nation’s most affordable payment option at your Point of Sale.
Your cost of doing business just got cheaper.

How much did you pay in credit card fees last year?

If you’re like Mike Wedeking of the Flying Mango restaurant in Des Moines, Iowa, you paid more in credit cards fees than you did in rent. (seriously)

At Dwolla, we know how meaningful a 20, 50 or 100% reduction in transaction fees can be for a business of any size. For some business owners, it can mean doubling profit margins. For others, it can mean opening that second location and hiring additional employees.

Dwolla is the nation’s most affordable payment option.

And now, not only can it be accepted at your Point of Sale, it can be built into your POS system.

  • With Dwolla, you pay no percentages. Just 25¢ per transaction or free for transactions $10 or less.
  • Dwolla is free to use. No merchant fees, no setup fees, no other fees of any kind.
  • Accepting Dwolla at your Point of Sale is faster and safer than credit cards or checks.

Let the savings begin:

If you use a POS application that already has Dwolla built-in, all you need to do is create a free Dwolla account for your business and then sign into Dwolla within the POS.

If your POS doesn’t have Dwolla built-in yet, you can still accept Dwolla alongside your existing payment options:

  1. Create your Dwolla account and add your business to the Dwolla Spots map under “Enable/Disable Features.”
  2. Add Dwolla as a “New Tender” in your POS system so you can close the till and balance the books easily.
  3. Tell your customers to use the Dwolla mobile app to make their payment (it only takes a few taps as shown in the video above). Tip: Motivate your customers to use Dwolla by offering an incentive. Here's how some merchants are doing it.
  4. Verify incoming payments using the Dwolla website or an iPhone, iPad or Android device alongside your POS system.

That’s it! From there you can link your bank to Dwolla and withdraw money, or even set up “Auto Withdrawal” to automatically transfer all incoming payments to your bank account.

Do you develop Point of Sale software?

  • Help merchants that buy your software lower their cost of doing business by adding Dwolla as a payment option.
  • Dwolla’s fees are so low, you could turn it into a new revenue stream and add a Facilitator Fee on top of Dwolla transactions and still help merchants save serious money.
  • Get started with the "Request Money" API endpoint. Our API is awesome. The build should be quick.

Start saving

Create your free Dwolla account

If your POS software does not accept Dwolla but you would like it to, please send us an email at pointofsale@dwolla.com.