Reliable Payment Account Validation

Securely add and verify an account to accept or fund online payments within an application using Dwolla’s variety of account verification methods.

Quick Implementation

Use Dwolla’s JavaScript libraries within your application to verify a bank account or debit card via an iframe.

Customizable Experience

Maintain your client experience from end-to-end through controlled branding using CSS.

Minimize Data Collection

Only collect necessary account details while we manage and protect that data in our platform.

Complete Coverage

Confidently onboard new customers and validate their payment account–bank account or debit card–prior to connecting it with their user account.

Authenticating Online Payments

Instant Bank Account Verification

Dwolla.js is a client-side JavaScript library used for verifying a bank account during the customer onboarding process. Businesses need a reliable bank account verification method to help reduce the risks of ACH returns and potential fraud. Keeping a low return rate of ACH transactions should be a priority for any business as exceeding the maximum threshold for returned ACH payments (administrative, unauthorized or overall) could lead to fines or even access to the ACH Network being revoked.

Without a reliable bank account verification method, the results could be an incomplete payment and a negative experience for end users. Common ACH Return codes include having insufficient funds, account closure and being unable to locate the account. Dwolla.js helps protect against ACH returns to ensure the attached bank account exists and your end user has authorization to use it.

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Micro-Deposit Bank Account Verification

Micro-deposits are small transactions of less than ten cents that are sent to a bank account for validation. Once the funds are processed, your customers can access their financial institution’s online banking system to verify the amounts—Dwolla.js allows a business to initiate and verify micro-deposits in a self-contained payment account verification process.

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“If you are wanting a really good user experience and not wanting to send your users to a third party to connect a bank account, I don’t think you have a choice. Dwolla is right up there in terms of an API, it’s probably the best solution we’ve found in terms of facilitating payments.”
CTO of EquityMultiple
“Knowing the implementation with Dwolla is very light, just that part alone, is worth the long-term investment.”
COO of GetMyBoat

Instant Debit Card Verification

Successfully initiating a payout to a debit card requires a business to verify the customer’s attached debit card. With Dwolla-cards.js, businesses have the ability to use a snippet of JavaScript within their application and tailor the experience to match their native UI and UX. Dwolla’s tokenized push-to-debit product is PCI DSS compliant, keeping sensitive data off your servers and in a trustworthy environment.

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Trust & Verify

Verifying a funding source type is a crucial step in facilitating online payments. The value of Dwolla’s payment account verification methods is that one library is capable of performing different behaviors to help mitigate fraud and risk for a business.

With little development time, embed a lightweight JavaScript code snippet (Dwolla.js or Dwolla-cards.js) to provide end users with an option for inputting necessary account information. Verifying a debit card or bank account can be completed in seconds after a user adds their account details. And because the data is tokenized, clients can feel confident in the security of each transfer.


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