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Operational notifications are direct communications sent to a user when there is activity on their account. From account activity to transaction updates and user statuses, these operational alerts are necessary but difficult to implement yourself. Dwolla offers a solution.

Save Developer Time

White-Label Operational Alerts

Speed Up Integration

Custom Communications

Users typically have the ability to sign up for optional communications from businesses, such as newsletters, sale alerts and product updates. However, some transactional notifications, such as ‘payment initiated’ or ‘payment failed’ must be sent and it is best practice for businesses to alert users of account-related activity to make sure it was an intended action. Dwolla offers a solution to remove the burden from your developer team to create up to 27 operational emails. Use Dwolla’s ACH API to ensure transactional notifications are delivered to your users—when they need them, with your branding.

Brand Control

Dwolla provides a white labeled solution to a necessary and tedious process to provide our customers and their users with a quality user-centric experience. For something as important as operational alerts, maintaining trust with users is key. With Dwolla’s ACH API, your operational notifications are built by Dwolla and are sent with the same reliability as other API integrators have found in our webhooks.

Save Developer Resources

Save days and sometimes weeks of precious development resources and use Dwolla to automatically send operational alerts. This component can help you clear a major hurdle and be enabled with the click of a button. That’s like insisting on hand-delivering mail when there are perfectly good delivery options available to you.
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“The fact that Dwolla is such a reliable and efficient payment solution, it’s tough to know exactly how much we’ve been able to decrease fees and technology issues, but it has been significant. The switch to Dwolla improved our user onboarding time from days down to minutes.”
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