Simplified Payouts

Dwolla’s ACH payment API integrates seamlessly into your native platform or application to facilitate bank transfers and mass payouts. A mass payment—or batch payment—is when multiple bills or transactions are bundled into one payment transaction. Our dashboard allows your business to manage customers and monitor transactions in real time.

Easy-to-Use Mass Payments

Dwolla’s payment software can get your application up and running quickly—with better batch payments. Accounts payable departments of any size can send thousands of batch payments at once with just a few clicks of a button.

Features of Mass Payments within the Dwolla API

Branded Transfers

Payouts that keep your branding at the forefront, maintaining trust with your users.

Scale Gracefully

Dwolla offers a RESTful API that scales nicely alongside your business and current processes.

On-Demand Support

Direct lines of communication allow Dwolla's account managers and developer advocates to take care of you.

Dashboard & Admin

Get real-time charts and reporting, all within the intuitive Dwolla Dashboard & Admin.

Custom Limits

We'll work with you to set a maximum per transaction amount that makes sense for your business.

Save Time

Save time by sending mass payments through Dwolla's API.

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