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For apps that facilitate money between two parties—a buyer and a seller or a user and a business—charging for the coordination of that payment is the app’s way of being compensated for their service. Service fees, convenience fees and processing fees have many names but they all have to do with the bottom line. Because your business has spent a lot of time, money and energy building an innovative application, Dwolla has done the same to enable a facilitator fee feature within Dwolla’s ACH payment API that allows a business to set up a flat rate fee for a transaction between two parties.

You’re In Charge Of What You Charge

Charging a facilitator fee does not have to affect the original payment amount and can be anywhere between 1 cent and 50% of the original transfer amount.

Remain An Arms-Length Away

Applications are able to charge a facilitator fee without having to come into possession of the funds from the transfer.

Ease of Integration

A single line of code within an API call enables facilitator fees to happen seamlessly with Dwolla’s payment software.

White Label Branding

Dwolla’s customers can customize the label of the facilitation fee as a “processing” or “convenience” fee for end users within their application, while customizing the branding of the experience.
How To Enable This Functionality

Enabling this functionality happens with an additional line of code to an API call and is something that would need to be considered upon integrating.

When charging a facilitator fee, applications must clearly communicate the fee and its payment terms to each end user at the point of sale/time of transaction. Luckily, Dwolla can send these communications on your behalf or provide a template for each communication in order to meet requirements.

Want to get technical about Dwolla’s facilitator fee functionality? Use this resource.

"If you are wanting a really good user experience and not wanting to send your users to a third party to connect a bank account, I don’t think you have a choice. Dwolla is right up there in terms of an API, it’s probably the best solution we’ve found in terms of facilitating payments."
Peter Shankar
“We came in fresh, evaluated the options and then went with Dwolla. We wanted to make sure we weren’t spending our time building something that wasn’t critical for us to own if it was already commoditized and done well.”
Chris Bruno
CEO & CO-Founder

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