ACH Bank Verification In Just a Few Lines of Code

Businesses using ACH-based transactions need a reliable and efficient method of connecting and verifying their users’ bank accounts to ensure funds are coming from and going to real accounts. Dwolla.js is a client-side Javascript library that comes with options to securely add bank accounts and verify bank account information, ensuring funds are coming from and going to legitimate bank accounts.

Implement Quickly

Enable bank account verification and get to market faster using Dwolla’s developer documentation.


Keep your branding at the forefront and control the CSS within Dwolla.js.

Cost Effective

Dwolla.js helps defend against ACH returns and potential fraudsters while reducing processing and compliance fees.

Complete Coverage

Even if your end users don’t have an online banking option—or have issues remembering their credentials—Dwolla has a solution to ensure all users can complete ACH bank account verification.

Powerful & Simple ACH Bank Verification

Initiating an ACH transaction requires a reliable and efficient method of bank account verification, a crucial and necessary step in the ACH transfer process. With Dwolla, businesses can choose between building a custom form to collect account and routing number information or using Instant Account Verification (IAV) to add and verify bank account information by passing Dwolla the online banking credentials.

Users without an online banking option can securely capture the necessary account and routing information to add and verify a bank account by using micro-deposits. If the user does have online banking credentials, ACH bank verification can be completed in seconds by searching for the financial institution and correctly entering the appropriate information.

“When we found out about Dwolla, where all of our clients could simply build a secure connection with their existing bank account, we were thrilled.”
Korb Matosich
CEO & Co-Founder
“We can now give our customers the optimal experience by linking bank accounts and transferring funds.”
Sean Anderson
COO & Founder
“We can, in real time, authenticate a bank account and get our customers up and running in minutes. Having that reliable solution with Dwolla that can process payments is really nice.”
Chris Schmitt

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