Businesses using ACH-based transactions need a reliable and efficient method of connecting and verifying their
users’ bank accounts to ensure funds are coming from and going to real accounts. Bank verification is required
to initiate a payment and with Dwolla.js, bank account verification can happen in seconds—not days.

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Powerful & Simple ACH Bank Verification

Bank verification is a crucial step in the ACH transfer process that verifies both parties have valid bank accounts. Securely transmit sensitive data (bank account and routing numbers) from the front-end of your application to Dwolla, using Dwolla.js and Instant Account Verification (IAV).

Using a simple code snippet, enable Instant Account Verification (IAV). Before a customer links their financial institution, you’ll need to complete two steps: create a customer record and generate a one-time access token. We’ll use this token to link the funding source to the customer, keeping that sensitive data away from your servers.

"Verifying a users’ identity and then transferring money in a way that is much more secure and transparent—like ACH—saves us on average 30 minutes to an hour of drive-time. With the way we are set up using Dwolla’s IAV, the buyer never has to punch in their account and routing information.”
Daniel Jeffords
“Dwolla freed us from previous payout restrictions and got us up and running with our own branded bank transfer solution in 10 days.”
Eddy Lu
“As we looked to build out our business, we needed an API that met our technical standards—and Dwolla did just that. From functionality to integration support, Dwolla’s bank transfer API has been ideal in helping us scale.”
Bryan Petro

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